Before you launch your new website, make sure that these 5 SEO tools are connected to your site. They will help provide you with invaluable information that can help you to improve site content, increase traffic to your site content, and improve your goal conversion rates.

The standard Yoast SEO plugin is present on over a million WordPress sites. Among the useful features of Yoast are options that allow you to set up Webmaster Tools tracking for Alexa, Bing, Google, and Yandex. Additionally this plugin offers a host of customizable options for URL structures, social media account linking, XML sitemap options, among many.

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The on page section of the plugin allows you to enter a page’s meta title and meta description. The page analysis tab provides valuable information about the content and page itself, including links, content readability, keyword saturation, copy length, and URL itself. There are some more advanced options as well, based on the page’s desired functionality.

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There are more specific Yoast plugins, such as Local SEO, Video SEO for WordPress, and Yoast WooCommerce SEO, in addition to a Premium version of the SEO plugin. For any WordPress site, the core SEO plugin is indispensable if you want to optimize your site. If you don’t use WordPress, there is Yoast SEO for Drupal 7.

Google Analytics

Every website should have an associated Google Analytics account, it’s as simple as that. As one of the standard of SEO tools, Analytics provides information on how a user finds your site, along with information about their site visits, such as duration, pages viewed, and events which include filling out a form or watching a video. Do you have an eCommerce site? You can track top selling products, transaction information, order value, and revenue in Google Analytics.

GA dashboard

Google Analytics captures visitor demographic information so you can target your marketing strategies. For instance, are the majority of your users finding your site via mobile device? Are they living in a specific geographic region? With Analytics, you may discover previously unknown opportunities. Got a mobile app? Set up separate views to see traffic from your desktop site as well as from your mobile app. Custom filters and segments allow you to refine your site traffic.

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Google Search Console

Formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, this tool allows you to see your site as Google sees your site. It is where you go to see how Google has indexed your site and any errors that might be associated with your site like 404s or server issues. If you make a large number of changes to your site, you can submit an updated sitemap to Google here. It also where you go to view the search terms by which your site was found. If you connect Search Console to Analytics, you enable a very useful keyword search results feature for more insights about how users are finding your site.

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Bing Webmaster Tools

Much like Google Search Console, Bing’s Webmaster Tools provides insights on how users located your site and provides a way for you to submit sitemaps for URL indexing on the Bing/Yahoo search engines. Detailed reporting on clicks, search position, keywords, links, and crawls can be found in BWT. Unlike Google, the Bing console has several major features condensed into one place, including their tool for organic keyword research and their markup tool.

Majestic SEO

Offsite links. External links. Backlinks. Whatever you want to call them, links that come from other sites are still a very important ranking factor. Analyze your site and your competitors’ sites to find out where high value links are coming from and discover new linking opportunities with Majestic.


These, and other SEO tools, can help boost your site beyond your competitors. By leveraging all of the information these tools provide, you can begin to build a powerful, well structured web presence that will help grow site traffic, establish authority among your peers, and increase revenue/leads.

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