Since Google is well established as a popular search engine, many website owners crave to be on the first few pages of Google whenever someone searches for a word or phrase relevant to their sites. It just follows that once your website has a high ranking on Google, you have more chances to receive huge traffic from online visitors. Everyday, Google’s crawlers search thousands of sites and if yours does not appear within the first two pages relative to a search term, you need to be more aggressive in finding ways to get your website to rank higher on Google.

Most Internet users do not look beyond the first page of Google results; that’s why it is essential for every website owner to utilize some Search Engine Optimization techniques that can work wonders for their site rankings.

Although you can not totally control the algorithms that Google uses in ranking websites, there are some ways to get your website to rank higher on Google. Here are some of them:

  1. Define your website goals.
    One reason why Google will not find your site worthy of page 1 is because your site is not focused on one subject, but instead, it is a comprised of several different, possibly even unrelated topics. The first thing to do is to know what you want your site to deliver, and focus on that goal. You may be trying to sell an ebook, or you may be promoting your services. Whatever your goal is, focus on it and include on your site only the topics that are relevant to your goal.
  2. Get a good back end analytic system.
    A website owner needs to understand where the bulk of his site traffic comes from, and this can be done by installing a good analytic system. Google Analytics is one of the most highly recommended when it comes to tracking your site traffic, because it is easy to install and manage.
  3. Choose and use keywords properly.
    Using keywords is the most essential way to get your site optimized for Google search. Once you have a clearer knowledge of where your traffic is coming from, you can use Google Ads Keyword Tool to give you an idea which of the keywords related to your site are often searched. You should then use these keywords to attract more traffic to your site, but remember not to overuse them. Google frowns on misuse and abuse of keywords, so use your keywords properly. Keywords are ideally used once on the introductory and last paragraphs, and about 2-3 times within a blog post.
  4. Get some link juice into your site.
    Google ranks websites on the way they are linked and considered important by other sites. You can try using creative “linkbait” which is a link on other sites that will lead people to visit your site. Your linkbait should be relevant to what people are expecting to see on your site, which means you need to have interesting and frequently updated content on your website.

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