SEO tips imageHere are some easy SEO tips that you or your web developer can likely accomplish. If any of them are beyond your ability, call us and we will guide you. Often changing a few simple items on your site will result in rankings movement. While this is far from an overall program, if you perform a few of these items, you will see we SEO agencies know what we are doing, and rankings bring sales and leads!

  1. Make sure your URL structure is correct. E.G. /free-seo-analysis/. Note the dashes used to separate the words in the search phrase and that the only item in the URL after the primary URL name is the phrase we wish to get a ranking for.
  2. Use your home page title to hit a home run with your most important terms. Normally you do not need the name of your company in your title. It dilutes the value of the title. In all likely hood you will come up in the top of the rankings for your company name. Your home page title should be reserved for your most important phrases. E.G. A company that is after physical therapy equipment sales and supplies should structure their title as such: Physical Therapy Equipment | Physical Therapy Supplies. That is it. Those are both tough terms and deserve minimal interference or dilution.
  3. Do not dilute your page titles! Each page has a title and the title should be either 1 or 2 key phrases. As your site gets much larger you may stretch for 3 targeted phrases, but most of the time this is a bad idea. The search engines view your page titles as a list of exact terms that are most important on that page. If you put 5 items in your title, each term only gets a piece of the relevance associated with the title. It is unlikely if you put 5 items on your title that you will achieve a number 1 ranking over a well optimized site which places more importance on one of your targeted terms. Stick with two titles per page.
  4. Use page titles on every page. Page titles are fast to add and provide an opportunity to diversify your keyword targets. They are one of the strongest SEO elements. Why waste that real estate?
  5. Make sure your content has a good balance of your targeted keywords and long tail keyword options on the page. Don’t overdo it and stuff the page with keywords, but a nice 500 word page can easily have 5 or so mentions of the keywords you are after.
  6. Add links on your home page to your most important pages you want ranked. This demonstrates to the search engine that you feel this is very important content and it helps with good indexing.
  7. Use Google Webmaster Tools. The Google Webmaster Tools are free and you can see if your pages are all getting indexed. Don’t trust the inbound link information however as Google likes to keep that a partial secret. They would rather not let everyone understand their algorithm.
  8. Write fresh content. You need to add pages to your website on a regular basis. This shows the search engines that you continue to provide the newest and most relevant information regarding your industry to your audience.
  9. Try to get other websites to link to you. Contact the associations you belong to, local government, friends, family and anyone who will listen. Links build rankings!
  10. Get social. Major search engines want to see that people are talking about your site. If you use your Facebook and Twitter accounts to talk to friends about your site, they may pass it on and you have some social presence.
  11. If you can’t do these items contact us. In today’s Internet driven world you can’t survive for much longer without a clear path on how to use the Internet. There is nobody under the age of 25 who would consider using a business that does not have a good website that is ranked. In ten years those people will be 35 and running all the companies you need to do business with.

I hope these ten easy SEO tips help you. Notice I didn’t count my pitch in number eleven as a tip. The use of SEO, and other Internet Marketing elements are no longer a luxury but a necessity. The Internet is the best and most cost effective way to drive business. We have a few tools such as our free SEO analysis and a free SEO ROI calculator that you can use before you call.

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