The UniverseI like to watch TV sometimes, I’ll admit it. But many times I like to watch the Discovery Channel or, especially lately, the Science Channel. I very much enjoy the show Through the Wormhole – With Morgan Freeman. It discusses many topics such as time, gravity, celestial objects and the vast distances involved. Sometimes people do not realize the immensity of the universe and how fantastic and amazing it truly is. We all look up at the stars at night, that is, if you live where you get the chance to get away from the city lights, and it’s just beautiful. What is the truly most amazing thing to me is that we can comprehend complex concepts such as gravity, and how objects affect one another, discovering that planets exist by the wobble of a star and that gravity affected the sun’s orbit rotation. It’s all very interesting to me, and the one last, most interesting thing to me is that when we see stars or planets or galaxies in the night sky, we are looking back in time, at a historical record of how things used to be.

How is SEO like Gravity?

Certain concepts in marketing, especially in the Internet are fixed items or concepts just like in the worlds of Physics and the Universe. Search Engine Optimization or marketing yourself on the Internet is very much like gravity. You are trying to attract not objects in this case, but prospective purchasers for your goods or services, or next great big idea. But how do you do this? If you are a black hole – and you are hungry for matter to swallow it up to an eventual singularity (that’s the small tiny center), you just follow ‘the rules’ and your gravity does the work for you. SEO is just like gravity in that sense, that there are rules you have to follow, they don’t bend, or break (not really) and certain things will work, and certain things are not good to do. It is always good practices to add fresh content to your site, valuable content that people may link to and find useful, and most important – remember that if you are selling “Running Sneakers” and this term has 15,000 searches on a monthly basis, if you are in the #1 organic position, you can pretty much expect around 50% of that traffic to come to your site. It’s like a rule, just as gravity is a rule in the Universe.

How is Google Analytics like looking up at the stars?

If it wasn’t for the stars and the vast distances involved between them and us, we wouldn’t have the ability to look back in time. Many of the discoveries that have gone to explain questions about how the universe works, have done so based on the Fact of light, how it bends, and what that will mean. That is how they determine if something is moving towards us or away from us. Google analytics, is just like how we perceive light to be. We can use Google Analytics to “go back in time” or time travel to understand what has been going on in a website, and how there may be room for improvement. It has certain fixed rules, that you can count and depend on and if you are Google Analytics Literate, than I can assure you, Perhaps you’ll write a Brief History of SEO and sell a few million copies.

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