In the early 20th Century, Picasso had his famous ‘blue period’ where that tone dominated his artwork. Today, Pantone, the leading authority on color trends used throughout many industries, decrees that Blue is at the forefront of a Color Renaissance. Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year Classic Blue 19-4052, celebrates Blues from classic to bright, to dusky. This color choice not only ushers in a new Blue Period for decorators, paint and home furnishings manufacturers, but also web designers and online marketing professionals. In this post, Pantone’s color fields will be explored, as well as the best ways that online marketers can utilize them to showcase any digital enterprise and/or brand.

Art students, decorators, and designers are familiar with Pantone. This is the firm that created the flip chart handbooks that feature color chips in graduated hues, grouped in families. Since 2000, at year’s end, the team at the Pantone Color Institute announces the results of their 9-month research to determine which colors are trending and why. The team’s criteria and trend analysis target recurring colorways and patterns among nature, tones that are seen in films, fashion, at major sporting events/awards presentations, and technologies, among other venues. The team observes color as it occurs in daily life around the world. (And yes, social media forum chatter is also closely observed!)

Is Your Brand Known By Its Colorways?

Pantone’s Color of the Year is not a frivolous attempt to sell products and services. Instead, it is based on research to determine the tones consumers and others are seeking. The end-users influence the developers. This way manufacturers and others can offer deliverables that fulfill needs and requirements. In fact, global brands consult with Pantone for assistance in product marketing and to strengthen their visual identity. That casts their color field choices in a new light, doesn’t it? Essentially, Pantone’s Color of the Year forecasts global color trends and should be considered by online business owners when seeking to leverage their unique brand.

Think about how color permeates our lives. When you think of St. Patrick’s Day, a deep emerald green comes to mind. And what color is associated with Valentine’s Day? Exactly. Color speaks oceans and judiciously applied, complementary colors can speak volumes about your brand in ways that content cannot. Visual impact can remain top of mind to identify your brand as well as to get its message across.

According to Leatrice Eisenman, Pantone’s Executive Director, Pantone’s Classic Blue 19-4052 evokes calm, “confidence, and connection…a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross…into a new era.” Other phrases she uses to describe the tone also speak to how businesses wish to be viewed, “constancy…solid and dependable…an anchoring foundation…expand our thinking…increase our perspective and open the flow of communication.”

Trustworthy, reliable, and constant- isn’t that how your business wants to be known? Cue Classic Blue! However, it is not only blue tints and tones that have to be chosen. Colors selected for supporting roles on your website are relevant as well. As web designers with over two decades’ experience, the team at Active Web Group, a leading digital agency, will first analyze your business’ goals and objectives. Next, we’ll translate these into a fresh palette that speaks, “we mean business” specifically to your target demographic(s).

Give Your New Website and Brand a Color Refresh

Here are some color samples: Note that Classic Blue appears as the dominant tone in each, but takes on a different voice when surrounded by color choices that are not the “same old, same old”. Just as your business is not one of the herd, your site colors can set you apart from your competition. By carefully selecting the tonal support players, Classic Blue can be modified to effectively market a wide range of businesses and industries. It can set the mood to showcase your products and services as well as to facilitate the sales funnel. When you vary your web design’s color scheme, site visitors will take notice. Soon, we predict, you’ll notice an uptick in conversions and revenue as well!

With its many and varied hues, Blue is having more than a ‘moment. That said, it is easy to overdo a good thing, or to make color choices that do not serve as your brand’s best ambassador. That’s where the design pros at Active Web Group (AWG) can help. We know that when considering a new website to represent your firm, that color is as major a consideration as the site design and functionality. Give AWG a call to discuss your brand’s needs and together we’ll explore the right tonal options that reflect and support your online business’ aims and purpose. In addition, AWG’s team of seasoned professionals in all digital marketing disciplines will be glad to assist you with all your online business’ marketing requirements. For more information call us (800) 978-3417.