Small business plays a vital role in both the local community and the overall economy. Contrary to popular belief, small business sales make up nearly half of the US GDP. When main street shows symptoms of success or stress it’s a good indicator as to the economic climate on a national level.

Support and understanding for “shopping local” are now at an all time high and community enthusiasm / pride are as well, but this doesn’t always translate into real time sales. As a result, small businesses have been looking for the best ways to prepare for the holiday season and get the most bang for their time and marketing dollar.

The Good News: Main Street is revenue is growing

Despite the hurdles businesses have faced throughout 2020 and from big business competition, there are signs and signals for further revenue growth.

For instance, Yelp’s Economic Average Report pointed out that new restaurant and food-related businesses had a stronger Q3 of openings vs Q3 2019 (Year Over Year). Additionally, for the first time in a generation, we are seeing a shift away from large cities and into “micro” cities and suburban communities. High earning aged millennials, new families and former urbanites are now becoming patrons at more localized establishments.

But how can we turn new residents into potential customers?

We know, you’re probably feeling pretty overwhelmed at the moment.

But first, ask yourself this…

? “What is the true, best form of marketing?” ?

You may or may not be surprised to find out that it’s still Word of Mouth.

Potential customers are FAR more likely to listen to their friends and family over a radio spot or in-print ad. This means it’s up to small business owners to facilitate Word of Mouth by doing the following:

Ramp Up Their Google My Business Profile

Your Google My Business profile allows your business to engage with potential customers directly through Google search results. You can include:

? your business’ phone number

? your business’ address integrated with Google Maps, so customers can get directions to your business

? direct links to your website

? photos from your business

⭐️ customer reviews

? company descriptions

and more!

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Invest in a Solid Social Media Marketing Strategy

If you want a strong Word of Mouth presence for your business, you have to be present wherever your customers are talking.

Whether your potential customers are asking their friends for advice on Facebook or researching product specs on Reddit, it’s important for your business to:

✔️ know where your customers are spending their time online

✔️ have a proactive strategy for getting their message across

✔️ find a way to effectively reach them for lasting impact

In addition, leveraging Facebook reviews is a great way to generate social proof and develop better consumer confidence when they’re on the fence between buying from your business or one of your competitors.

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Fortify Your Online Reputation

Having a solid reputation is the difference between landing that sale and being overlooked.

From finding your reviews on Google to asking their friends on Facebook, you’ll need a sound online reputation management strategy to ensure you’re making the most of the online traffic you’re generating.

Restaurants and businesses in hospitality should also focus on managing their online reputations across Yelp and TripAdvisor. 

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Wrapping Up

For small business owners, making the holiday season a success has never been easy, but the stakes have risen. Now a less-than-stellar winter performance can mean the end. To prevent this, businesses need to invest their time wisely to take advantage of the current low-cost marketing trends.

Though as always, it’s easier said than done.

Need to Make Your Holiday Season a Success?

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