SEO can help improve marketing throughout the holiday season. Do not forget the importance of web content on your business website regardless of the state of the economy. Remember that SEO content needs to be user friendly as well as computer friendly. Know who your customers are and what they are interested in. Try using Google Analyzer and Google Optimizer to see what web content your customers are bookmarking and expand on that information. You should also remember that the content ought to be precise and well written.

Use a conversion funnel to create your SEO content. Begin with broad keyword terms to define the product. Further along the process use terms that differentiate the product from others once the customers are familiar with the product. Make sure to link pages site pages and back-link initiatives. This will improve SEO rankings, but try to use keywords throughout the copy, including subheadings and content. Use keyword in roughly four percent of the web page. Designing a web page with newer “flatter” media allows search engines to easily view the site. This type of site has fewer subcategories, but it does not take as many clicks for visitors to navigate.

Social networking can greatly influence the success of your marketing during the holiday season. Use Facebook and Twitter to reach customers and improve the chances of your content being spread by word-of-mouth. Link these accounts to your main webpage and update them regularly so that you are truly communicating with your clients and customers. Consider creating different accounts to target specific target audiences. Use directory listings to determine the sub areas that make up you current and future customer base.

While SEO marketing will drive traffic to your company’s website, remember that you should not solely rely on SEO strategies to bring in customers during the holidays. Try a blended marketing method. Use offline marketing strategies along with PPC and SEO campaigns to reach as many customers as you possibly can. Include common key words in your banner ads to drive online traffic and improve the effectiveness of your marketing techniques this holiday season.

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