How to Leverage the Shutdown of Google+ To Grow Your Business

Leveraging Shutdown of Google+It is rare that Google takes a misstep. When the search giant does, however, it is quick to remediate the issue. Google+ had been the search engine’s social network. During first quarter 2018, however, Google came clean and announced that the private data of possibly half a million Google+ subscribers may have been vulnerable for an undisclosed period. Google execs claimed to have discovered the breach almost as it happened and resolved the issue immediately. However, given Google’s stature, Google+ and to an extent, all other Google products, became suspect in the eyes of some users. Just as quick to recognize and resolve this PR and branding issue, Google reined-in its social network. Going forward, Google+ will function just as an enterprise product. This means it may be used by businesses as an internal staff communication and collaboration tool only.

Where does that leave brands and especially small business owners who need a platform to share photos, make announcements, and to engage directly with their prospects and customers? Say ‘goodbye’ to Google+ and ‘hello’ to Google My Business (GMB), instead. Google My Business has been designed to give the leading social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others some major competition. Think about it- Google’s reach outstrips all others and the search engine is renowned for its utility. If there is a failing to all things Google it is in the mistaken belief that its setup and monitoring is automatic. If only!

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Most business owners who strike out on their own believing they can easily monitor the online marketing for their enterprise can make rookie mistakes. Usually they cut corners, set up their metrics incorrectly, or fail to establish their listing and business profile entirely! There’s far more to GMB than just text. Without a proper setup businesses lose both message association and brand attribution. Failure to implement both or either results in decreased customer engagement. It is essentially like playing to an empty theatre.

Remember picture books when you were a kid? They piqued your interest and helped you to understand what was written. Well, don’t you think prospects would appreciate visuals in your GMB ads to attract and inform as well? Create impact with high resolution, quality images to represent your business optimally. Now what else would a prospect want to know about your business in a glance? Current address, phone, email, hours, and other contact information should be a given as well as links to your website and other social media profiles. For brick and mortars, having your Google My Business profile puts your company on the map and allows prospects and customers to get directions right to your door. Social media’s power is in its ability to influence peer groups. Be sure to add reviews and testimonials to your GMB profile for greater engagement and to increase KPIs. Most important, continuous updates to your GMB will influence repeat business as well as keep your profite current.

While establishing and maintaining your Google My Business account appears a simple task, as demonstrated in this blog, the best efforts can quickly be scuttled if not handled correctly. That’s why online marketing initiatives are best left to digital media professionals. Active Web Group, a leading full-service digital marketing firm, has the experience and the expertise required to assist your online enterprise to succeed. Our team will assess your requirements, discuss your goals and objectives, then set a customized campaign to achieve them. We’ll be glad to arrange a confidential conversation and to address any questions. Together we can chart a course that begins with a call and progresses towards your firm’s greater online success. For more information please contact our team at (844) 394-2769.