If you own a business it’s not a good idea to ignore all of the new and upcoming online marketing avenues that can help you to get your website more targeted traffic.

I’m sure by now you have heard of or checked out Google+, the competitor to Facebook and the social networking new arm of Google. Google+ is by far the fastest growing social media platform ever, with (last I heard was) close to 50 million users already, and it’s grown much faster than Facebook did, however Google has many properties to push exposure to it.

If you are not getting your company on Google+ I’d say you are making a big mistake.

You may wonder, with Facebook, do I really need to do yet another one? Should I even bother? I’d say 100% you should, especially when you spend SEO marketing dollars to get exposure on Google already.

It’s very possible that Google+ may never be the size of Facebook, however that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pursue it for your company. You can create a Google Profile, to give viewers a detailed description of your company and then begin to share your experience with the world by posting information on your profile. The Google+ feature is very similar to the Facebook like feature, people can see who had endorsed something and perhaps feel more confident to purchase or do business with that company.

There is also Google Hangout, where you can hold seminars, have presentations and such. Also there is Google Circles which segments Google members into categories of your choosing. You can make a circle of your family, and include them. For let’s say, a manufacturing industry, you can create an expert panel of sorts, and people would follow you there.

Remember, now that Google is in the social networking world, businesses are 100% sure to follow and you do not want your competition getting ahead of you. There is a distinct opportunity to get more exposure to a broader audience and communicate with your current clients and future clients as well.

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