February 2009, Hauppauge, NY…

Century Photo Products, a leading direct marketer of archival storage products to households throughout the U.S., recently signed with Active Web Group, a full-service website marketing and development firm. Active Web Group will redesign Century’s website to reflect the full online capability of the company’s 21st century vision.

Century Photo Products’ extensive product line includes albums and individual pages, and specialty items. Their line also includes more than 120 styles of photo and scrapbook pages, representing the world’s largest selection, that accommodate all kinds of collections, from standard photos, negatives and slides, to Polaroid shots, enlargements or professional prints, CDs, stamps, coins, currency, diskettes, postcards, – even baseball cards.

“Our goal in redesigning Century Photo’s website is to make their name synonymous with photography accessories, crafts and collections,” says Pat Norton, president, Active Web Group. “This 45-year old company always has had an eye towards the future – the reason for their success and longevity. Now, we will duplicate their success in their online business.”

How will Active Web Group reinvent Century Photo’s website? They will combine sophisticated design, common sense navigation and expert Search Engine Optimization to significantly improve rankings on major search engines. “Much of our plan includes reorganizing product categories and subcategories so that visitors will be directed instantly to the items they are searching for,” says Norton.

Active Web Group plans to launch the new Century Photo’s site by early summer 2009.

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