Don’t Underestimate the Power of Email Copy

When it comes to getting your emails noticed, you have to start off with some great email copy. Most Internet marketers find that there are certain talents involved in being able to write email copy that grabs the attention of the user, reads well, and doesn’t push like a salesperson with a dangerously low quota. There are 5 simple steps to help you on your way if you want to write your own killer copy for your email marketing campaign.

Tip 1: The Subject Header:

The subject header is not just a useless space. It is small but highly vital advertising space. Think of it like the smallest billboard in the world. Without a subject header to get the attention of the user, your email will most likely end up going straight into their trash bin.

Make sure that there is a reason for them to open the email in a timely manner. You don’t want them putting it off until another time, so create a timely need.

You have to keep your subject header short in order for the message to be seen. However, sometimes it is impossible to get all of the information you need in the short 50 to 60 characters that will show up in the inbox. To prevent misleading the user or missing out on an opportunity to catch their attention always make sure that you introduce the most vital information first.

Think about what has made you open emails in the past? What headers have grabbed your attention and why? Answering this question and even looking up headers from other marketers’ campaigns can help you know exactly what to write.

If you’ve been able to create previous campaigns that did well don’t be afraid to compound your success by sticking with the same type of subject header. Testing your subjects, as well as different emails, can help improve your success rate ten fold in just a year.

Tip 2: Blend Your Copy:

Nobody wants to read an email that is selling them throughout the entire text. Yet you’re still going to need to provide the user with a strong call to action which includes sales text. The best way to approach your email writing is to remember that information is valuable when making purchasing decisions. If you can provide the user with informational text while dotting it with sales text you’re likely to be much more successful. Give your users a sound reason to allow themselves to be sold by producing information that is relevant to them.

If you can get back up from additional sources, like industry research or newspaper commentary your information becomes validated.

If you can provide information that comes in tips or even a checklist form for the user you’re another step ahead. Getting them to recognize that they actually have a need for your product is important. You can do this by creating a checklist atmosphere that leads them to a logical conclusion that your product will fit the bill.

Tip 3: Don’t Preach at Users:

Imagine as you’re writing your email that you’re talking with your neighbor. You don’t want to come across as superior. One way to enhance this idea is to use interactive resources. People feel like an equal when their voice is heard as well. Using blogs and forums can help involve the user to a greater degree. Asking your users to fill out polls, ask questions, or contribute to your emails gives them a voice and lets them know that their opinion is important to you.

You can just as easily ask the user what they want. Surveys are a great way to find out exactly what your users are going to respond well to.

Tip 4: Simple and Clear Call to Action:

When it comes time to “sell” the user on your product make it a simple directive. Keep everything simple. Let the user know that just a few moment of their valuable time is all it takes to get what they need. Let them know how easy and direct the process will be. Let them know that simply by clicking the link they will be taken to the order page where two minutes of their time will make a difference in their life.

Avoid long, drawn out sales pitches. You want to ensure that the user understands that they only need a spare moment and that all you really want them to do is follow your easy to understand directions. A call to action works best when it is a straightforward message.

Tip 5: Know Your Audience:

Who are your emails reaching and why? Know your demographics so that you know what to write. If you’re selling to business men and women then write for that purpose. Avoid cute phrases and inappropriate personal remarks. If you’re selling to mothers with infants, include the emotional feeling that mothers of new babies tend to feel. When you know your audience you can write targeted emails that enable you to connect on a personal or business level.

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