News ‘Flash’: Are SWF Files Costing You Business?

Flash ContentRecently Google announced that it will stop indexing Adobe Flash, or SWF files. After this ‘warning shot’, many online business owners were left thinking, “Flash?! What year is this?” meaning that Flash went the way of the dinosaur many years ago. It is not just that some websites did not, ‘get the memo’. It is far more likely that many online business owners may not realize it but their sites may still contain SWF files and that going forward, this content will not be indexed (a key element in ranking). Web-based businesses depend on site visitors for their existence. That is not an overdramatic statement, just a simple fact. So don’t you think it is important to ensure that your site is fully Google-compliant in every way possible?

Another consideration that came to light recently is that Google never really indexed or ranked Flash content that well. Could ‘hidden’ files on your site (i.e. content such as SWF files that have been overlooked in subsequent site updates) have been impacting your site rankings and the volume of qualified site traffic all this time?

When Flash Was King

Adobe Flash, never an easy program to master, spawned a generation of web designers who strove to be the best in their field. It supported sophisticated animation, rich media, and actionable content. So popular was this program, that in 2013 its runtime player was installed 500 million times. In short: there’s a lot of Flash-driven site content still ‘out there’, content that is likely costing site owners both quality visitors and revenue.

Antiques are items that are over 125 years old. An antique website, however, is one that is over five years old. And if your site uses Flash elements either as an opener or elsewhere on its pages, it is prehistoric. That’s bad news for web designers who spent years perfecting Flash Action Scripting, but great news for online business owners ready to jump start their online enterprise.

Active Web Group, a leading digital agency, has helped thousands of online businesses to revamp their online image and rebuild market share. It is not enough to have a website, it must be seen by searchers to be found and visited. That’s only half the equation since a well-optimized site will also influence site visitors to convert and become your clients and loyal customers. Our team can demonstrate how. And if it is hard for your designers to abandon their beloved program, know that there are Google-friendly animation, media, and action alternatives that our team has mastered. Give me a call to discuss your online objectives. Together we’ll plan solid campaigns that begin with a website refresh, overhaul, or rebuild. In a ‘flash’ we’ll have your web business up and running like never before! Call me today at (800) 978-3417