Digital MarketingIt may be difficult to gauge whether or not your existing digital marketing efforts are working. Campaigns can usually be considered successful if a website receives a constant and ever-increasing stream of visitors who are specifically seeking your goods and/or services. Other ways to know that your online marketing is working is via an increase in leads, sales, and revenue. However, if you notice that any or all of these metrics have declined or if you cannot properly gauge performance benchmarks – you should realize that your digital marketing strategy is overdue for an overhaul and fast!

Sometimes, there are subtle ways in which declines can appear. Has this happened to you- a targeted metric which seemed on track only a few months ago, is now clearly losing ground and indications are that this goal will not be met? What happened? Can anything be done to reverse its downward trend? Below are the top 5 ways for business owners to identify if their campaigns are working or that it is time for a new digital marketing services approach.

1. Do you know where your site traffic is coming from?

Sources. Mediums. Channels. Many business owners and some marketers review their keyword rankings. However, there are likely other sources driving your site traffic. Have you identified these channels and are marketing them to your advantage?

2. Are you receiving value for your website traffic?

Are you just looking at how your marketing acquires site visitors through rankings alone? Then how will you know if your web traffic is relevant? Once your site visitors arrive, do you assign a value to their actions to calculate your ROI accurately?

3. Are you tracking all the right metrics?

Given Google’s dominance as a Search Engine, it is understandable that undue emphasis is placed on its metrics. Remember that actual website traffic is a far better indicator of where your site is strong and where it is weak. For example, if your site’s goal leads, do you know where site visitors lose interest and leave? When increased revenue is your main objective, does every page facilitate your sales funnel? If not, why not? And what can be done about it?

4. Are your platforms the right match for your demographics?

There’s a great line in an old Hitchcock movie, “That plane’s dustin’ crops where there ain’t no crops…” The same is true for your digital marketing strategy. Who are you focused on reaching? Where are you looking for them? What bait are you using? There is just no point in advertising where your prospects won’t see it. You need to know where the fish are biting and offer them their preferred bait in the form of promotions, products, services, and other enticing offerings. The takeaway here is that if you are looking for new business in all the wrong places, your return will not be optimal so why waste your time?

5. Are you tracking all the right goals?

Setting up the right goals tracking is key to obtaining an accurate benchmark that can be used to track your website’s success. Analytics data is only as useful as the metrics it tracks. So it is crucial to define your campaign goals at the very beginning and know where to turn for truly professional advice.

As a leading, full-service Digital Agency, Active Web Group provides the digital marketing services, campaigns, and strategies online businesses require to achieve and build upon their success. We can assess your website and recommend if your business will benefit from a new website design or just an upgrade. Our pros can help you determine if your SEO campaign alone will assist you to reach your goals, or if support in the form of email marketing, social media, and/or Pay-Per-Click will provide the best return on your investment. When retaining and building upon your business’ good name is vital, know that we additionally offer highly effective Online Reputation Management (ORM) services.

Your AWG team possesses the dedication, associations, affiliations, and experience to remain at the top-of-our-industry. We will perform due diligence both in getting to know you and understanding your business. Every customized client strategy always starts with the end in mind: achieving your online business goals.

Let’s get a meaningful dialogue going that begins with our asking what your business goals are, then forging a measurable, accountable, and truly effective digital marketing strategy to achieve them. It may be that your online business needs a new or upgraded website or a social media campaign that targets your firm’s true demographic and increases your brand’s reach. Perhaps your relatively new company or product line would benefit from a Pay-Per-Click initiative or a structured Email Marketing campaign to reach prospects and encourage repeat business.

Learn why every business needs a customized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign to gauge the current health of their online enterprise and to attract as well as useful content to convert qualified site visitors. Which digital marketing services or a combination of several are the best choices for your online business? Together let’s explore your options. Give me a call at 800-978-3417 to initiate an important business relationship for your increased online success. Call today!