Pay-Per-Click can be somewhat emotional and those of you that are a little more advanced in Pay-Per-Click Management will definitely understand where I am coming from. Pay-Per-Click can be a highly emotional roller coaster and you need to make sure that you keep a strict mind when managing your campaigns to the best of their ability while focusing on the end goal, and most importantly do not tie your heart strings to your keywords.

Aside from all the factors to keep in mind when bidding such as your ad copy, your perfect landing page, the most targeted keywords, and the pricing of your bids, the ultimate goal is to bring more customers to yours or your client’s website using PPC as your marketing tool. In return, you gain more sales or leads with the most affordable cost per acquisition. So along with all of the tricks and strategies you will practice, you must be mentally strict with how you follow your strategies and not make too many exceptions to the rule. A saying I heard years ago in the shipping industry and I like to refer back to is “If everything is expedite, nothing’s expedite.”

What I mean by this is while at times there are a few exceptions to the rules; you may let a top product selling keyword that is responding poorly to the PPC market ride online a little bit longer due to the fact that you cannot for the life of you understand WHY. Now, with that said, do not hold on for too long as this can hurt the pocket because you are emotionally tied to this keyword. For example, if you are bidding on a keyword that defines exactly a product that you sell but this keyword does not perform well online, make sure not to get emotionally attached. Just because in your eyes you just cannot imagine why this keyword is not rocking it online and you refuse to remove it because you know any day now that it will pick up and soar. It is moments like these that will get the best of you AND your campaign. Ok Ok I agree there are a few keywords that I give the benefit of the doubt and ride them out over my allotted budget, but there still needs to be a final boundary and acceptance to remove this keyword and move on. Cut your ties before it’s too late.

It is one thing to feel strongly about a keyword and try everything in your power to get it to perform, but at some point you need to say enough is enough and accept that you need to let go. By setting formulas for your bid management it will help to keep your bids in line. For instance, you must know the value of a customer, and you must know what cost of advertising percentage you are willing to pay to keep your keywords running. These are vital statistics for a successful PPC campaign. When managing your bids, stick to your settings and formulas that you have in place and this will assure you do not spend more than your budget allows and not waste money on under-performing keywords that just are not cutting it. Don’t cry about it. Remove it and concentrate on what IS performing. Never emotionally bid. I know what it’s like to feel strongly about PPC advertising and feeling frustrated that after trying every trick in the book, that stubborn keyword just won’t budge. Take control and stick to your formulas and feel confident that you can put your energy on those that are working for your campaigns and say goodbye.

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