Announcing Online Reporting

Active Web Group is excited to announce a complimentary upgrade for our SEO clients: Online Reporting. We believe that this system will streamline reviewing your company’s custom analyses, providing your internal marketing team better accessibility to actionable data.

Let’s review some of the benefits of using the online reporting system:

Easier navigation

Instead of wading through pages of information and referring to a Table of Contents for guidance, our new reporting format allows you easily navigate the report. Clients may now review their reports in one of two ways, through the reporting interface:

Report Interface

Report Interface

or by viewing the Full Report:
Full Report

Full Report

Both offer a tabbed navigation menu to make each section of the analysis more accessible during review, allowing you to jump to whichever set of data you need, whenever you need it.

Deeper insights into available data

Our new report allows you and your team to drill deeper into information than ever. You’ll now be able to see the numbers behind the percentages in your reports. To view this information, click on the “View Full Report” button at the bottom right of the tabs.

View Full Report

View Full Report Button

On the next screen, scroll down to the Dashboard and click on the part of the report you’d like to review. You can access the information by clicking on the tabs
Top Tabs

Top Tabs

or by clicking on the section summaries.
Section Summary

Section Summary

Any blue text within this section of the report is a hyperlink that may be clicked for additional information. For example, if you clicked on a keyword you would be presented with a chart containing the past three month’s ranking reviews, and a table that shows current pertinent information for the keyword.
Keyword Detail

Keyword Detail

Access to this data allows you to analyze the results of your team’s digital and conventional marketing efforts.

Allow access to all of your team members

Instead of sending an email attachment to an appointed person in your company, AWG can now notify an unlimited number of users when a report is ready for review. This translates to fewer delays in forwarding relevant information to your internal marketing team. Simply email us a list of users you would like us to add, and we will provide them with access credentials within 48 hours.

Additional features that are scheduled to be implemented include:

Full report history available for download

Although our new format will be available only for newly generated reports, you will have access to your company’s historic reports via download. Simply click on the “Archived Reports” link and select the report you’d like to download.

Access to PPC, Email, and Social Reports

We intend for this system to be the portal for all of your digital marketing reports. We believe that having all of the reports available at one central location will allow your team to review and make data driven decisions quicker and easier.

Export to PDF

Even though the reports are available online, sometimes you just need a physical copy. This feature will allow you to export a PDF version of the report to send by email or print. We are in the process of introducing this upgrade to our clients. Once your account is ready to be upgraded, you will receive an email from us outlining the process. If you have any questions, please feel free to call AWG at 800 978-3417 or email us at [email protected].