Many times, over the last 8 years, I have had the same conversation with clients over one specific topic. If I am ranking high in the organic ad listings why do I need to bid on them in PPC? My normal response to them is “why wouldn’t you”. Appearing in organic as well as sponsored listings (PPC Ads) builds brand awareness, which is extremely important to companies. It also is building consumer confidence in your brand and giving you a leg up as being a market leader.

For those that don’t know what an organic listing is, the simplest way to put it is these ads appear on the search engines that you do not pay for. These ads normally appear below the sponsored ads (PPC Ads) at the top of the page. So, by having both a PPC ad as well as your high ranking organic ad, you are covering more real estate and cutting down on the competitions’ visibility. By not being in both areas you are handing your competitors valuable marketing space. Being in both places (organic and PPC) is especially important when you are talking about highly relevant industry keywords your competition will be trying to out rank and out bid you for.

By buying PPC ads and having a high ranking organic ad you are showing potential clients that you mean business, proving that you are a key player in this industry and that their business is important to you. Placing your brand in front of them in numerous areas will create more awareness and give the impression you are an industry leader. Customers will be confident in your brand and be more likely to purchase from you.

In my professional opinion, what it really comes down to is being a visible in both areas is important to your online marketing strategy. Cover as much territory as you can. It gives your company and website a much larger presence in the online marketing world. We all know how important this marketing avenue has become so it makes the most sense to cover as much of the landscape as you can afford.

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