Email Marketing

September 7th, 2009

Five Things You Can Do To Beat This Economy & Your Competition

A tough economy has put a lot of businesses and corporations through the ringer, and many have fallen victim to the harsh economic landscape. Those that have survived thus far find increased competition and a future life with uncertainty. But advances in technology, used in conjunction with tried and true marketing strategies and business principles, will help any business not only weather the storm, but also level the playing field and rise up over their competitors.

May 29th, 2009

Have you been Blacklisted?

This just in: Yahoo has adopted the techniques used by Spamhaus to monitor their email deliverability. But what exactly does this mean to your company and its email campaigns? Depending on the practices used by your email service provider (ESP) along with your current email marketing guidelines, it can mean the difference between showing up in your recipients’ email boxes and being blacklisted.

April 17th, 2009

Give ‘Em What They Really Want in Your Email Campaigns

Most of us are aware that in order to generate effective email campaigns, they must contain offers that are relevant to our customers. However, innovative teen retailer Karmaloop recently took that knowledge a step further by giving their finicky consumers even greater control over the merchandise offers they get. By allowing their subscribers to select specific product categories and brands they are interested in, Karmaloop’s email-generated revenue jumped 318%.

February 23rd, 2008

Three Steps to Better Email Marketing

A lot has been said about the subject of email marketing, and numerous tips, tricks and techniques have been discoursed throughout the Internet on blogs, forums, and by web marketing companies. But more often than not, the subject matter focuses on the content of the email, and fails to address a critical factor that may render your entire email marketing campaign ineffective, no matter how outstanding the content of your emails might be.

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