LinkedIn can be used to find jobs, new leads, clients or customers, gain valuable information related to your industry, and more, but of course, in order to achieve any of these goals, ample time must be spent associated with others on the site (it is a SOCIAL media site, after all). Additionally, LinkedIn can be very lucrative for those who know how to properly optimize their profile for increased visibility.

Display your website along with keywords

LinkedIn is all about networking, and getting your information in front of others who might find it interesting and/or useful. To help you accomplish this, LinkedIn allows you to showcase a link to your website, along with a tagline that can be customized to include keywords or key phrases, thus increasing the chances of your profile ranking high in organic search results. Additionally, you can also showcase your blog, and any additional websites you deem valuable.

Syndicate your blog feed

If you desire, you can also syndicate your blog feed directly on your LinkedIn profile page by utilizing the blog feed application made available through LinkedIn (access this through the “Edit Profile” page.)

Display your Twitter account and Twitter updates

LinkedIn, like many other social networking sites, now also works in conjunction with Twitter. Display your Twitter account on your profile, as well as any Twitter updates if that is your preference. This can also be especially useful if you make sure to insert keywords into your tweets!