For bloggers interested in utilizing SEO to improve the searchability of their blog posts, there are a multitude of plugins and software packages available. But the best way to integrate SEO into your blog is manually, using a good copywriter well-versed in SEO techniques.

If you don’t employ a copywriter or utilize a freelance copywriter, then you might want to retain an online marketing solutions agency such as Active Web Group. AWG is Long Island’s leading Internet Marketing company, employing experts in SEO, search engine marketing, web design, and more.

The SEO specialists at Active Web Group have gathered together the Top 10 tips for putting SEO into your blog.

1. Put Keywords in the Title of Your Blog Post

The title of your post is what’s going to get the attention of readers, and using targeted keywords will get the attention of search engines.

2. Put Keywords in Links

Many company blog posts typically include links leading back to the corporate website or a relevant landing page. While readers might click the links, the links themselves do nothing to improve the SEO of your page. Search engines like links that contain keywords, and so a better way to include the links in your blog post would be to rewrite them like this: Click here to Improve Search Engine Rankings or Contact us today for a Free SEO Analysis of your website

3. Crosslink to Older Blog Posts

If your blog contains older blog posts related to your most recent blog post, then utilize a crosslink, like this: If you liked this article, you might also want to read The Importance of SEO: Three Reasons Why You Need It.

4. Assign Tags to Your Blog Posts

Most blogs, such as WordPress and Blogger, and blog software allow you to assign tags to a particular blog post. Tags are comprised of a few words that sum up exactly what your post is about. A blog post rich in targeted keywords and relevant tags has a much better chance of ranking higher in a targeted search. On a blog, the tags for this article would be “SEO, Blogging, Online Marketing Tips”

Utilize Social Media and forums to point links back to your blog posts.

When you post a new article, let others know by posting the title of the article and the link on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can also have these sites read the feed from your blog and post the update automatically.

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