As a business owner, you’re likely utilizing multiple social media platforms and online channels in order to connect with your customers. Your priority with these efforts is to truly resonate with your target audience so you can create a better relationship with your client base. Engagement on social media is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website and promote conversions. 

While you may try to always be engaging and authentic with your audience, it’s not guaranteed that your content will always perform well. In cases where performance is lacking and engagement falls, it’s absolutely crucial that you don’t become discouraged. Social media is fueled by micro-trends that are difficult to follow and algorithms can be hard to figure out. 

Think of these instances as an opportunity to dive head-first into optimizing your content and working to identify any issues that are inhibiting its full potential. If you’re in this sort of situation with your brand, you’re in luck. The following are some key tips for companies looking to revamp their social channels and focus on content optimization. 

Analyze your analytics 

The first step in identifying underperforming content is to analyze your website’s analytics. This will give you a better understanding of which pages, blogs, and social media posts are not performing up to your expectations. You can track metrics like bounce rate, time on page, and conversions to determine where exactly your content is falling short. 

Utilize tools for keyword research

tools for keyword research

When it comes to creating a content optimization strategy, keyword research has to be at the top of your priority list. The reason it is such a crucial element of SEO is that it’s a starting point for improving your search engine rankings. Finding the right keywords for your brand and content will allow you to have a better understanding of why your SERP rankings might be stagnant. 

Taking the time to analyze your existing social media and website content is the first step in improving your keyword usage in the name of content optimization. You should also integrate the digital tools and resources that are available to you. There are many analytics and research tools out there that make this process seamless for business owners. Once you’ve completed this crucial step, you can incorporate these keywords to boost your brand’s visibility. 

Focus on SEO best practices 

On the topic of visibility, the best way to improve your brand’s reach is by familiarizing yourself with essential SEO techniques. Content optimization strategies start and end with SEO best practices. If you aren’t aware of what good SEO looks like, then it will be much harder for you to improve your content. 

Simple steps like updating meta titles, tags, and meta descriptions can make all the difference in improving your website’s SERP ranking. One of the biggest mistakes that even highly successful companies often make is ignoring high-quality articles simply because they didn’t bring in the amount of traffic they originally expected. Making small changes to the content and metadata could be the main reason why your online channels are underperforming. 

Add more engaging and immersive elements

immersive elements

Humans are visual creatures, and there is evidence to support that content with engaging imagery performs better than plain text. This means as a content creator, you should be shifting your focus to producing immersive and eye-catching visual content. Both video and imagery are great ways to grab your audience’s attention and keep them engaged with your posts. 

Repurpose some of your existing content 

If you’ve noticed that certain pieces of content that you’ve created are underperforming, this doesn’t mean that the content is necessarily irrelevant. The topics that are touched upon can remain relevant in your specific online space, and therefore this content should be seen as free game for recycling and repurposing. 

As long as you have your finger on the pulse of trends in your market, you can take the existing underperforming content on your website or social media channels and reuse it. Now, this means doing more than just copying and pasting. You’ll want to completely revamp the current content by utilizing the previously mentioned tips for SEO-optimized content. If the content is still timely, you can expand it to new mediums that your audience will connect with more effectively.