Email is Superior In Times of Uncertainty

We’ve come to learn that people feel closer to their inboxes than we ever expected. It appears the one-on-one experience creates a level of intimacy that simply can’t be matched with a social media video or blog post… and this makes perfect sense!

Think about it, people look to online content and social media for either entertainment or specific information that they need at that moment. These bits of information aren’t necessarily tailored to them, but rather fit their needs at that time. 

Email, on the other hand, provides that cut-to-the-chase info someone might be waiting for. Think direct links to useful resources, or specific product deals. This works to alleviate the stress and headaches associated with heavy social media use.

More Intimacy Means Brands Can Deliver More

With customers relying more on email, brands can seize an opportunity to deliver. 

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, most brands bombard consumers with cliche “we’re here for you” emails, which weren’t inherently harmful. However, what real value did they offer?

Demonstrating a human side of your brand is only beneficial when you can back up your claims. Besides, you’re communicating with existing and future customers who will want updates and details on your products, features, services, and so on.

As much as certain Marketing practices change, its fundamentals stay… well, fundamental. This means that regardless of the time of year, economic climate, or even in the event of a global pandemic – your customers are looking to you for something, so you shouldn’t stray from your core objectives.

When it comes down to it – provide value.

Analyze My Email Marketing Strategy

Email Can Adapt To Consumer Behavior, Faster

When it comes down to it, Email Marketing metrics are more personalized because they come from subscribers’ exact decisions. It’s hard to tell whether your social media post wasn’t engaged with because it wasn’t appreciated, or just missed. Email, on the other hand, hits closer to home.

With more definite, up-to-date information, brands can act accordingly using email. As a result, we opted to send emails less frequently, leading to people wanting more. This proved the value of our messages. Something that would have otherwise taken much longer with any other medium.

Many Email Marketing Aspects Had To Be “Unlearned”

As we’ve discovered during the COVID-19 pandemic, some things just can’t be predicted. Sure, in a perfect world, you can map out and project certain outcomes, but then you realize there are variables outside of your control.

You can only plan so much, the rest has to be reactionary. Brands just can’t afford to make assumptions.

If COVID-19 took your Email Marketing efforts for a spin, we don’t blame you. Looking to get back on track? Recognized as a top Email Marketing Agency, Active Web Group leverages over 20 years of experience to help clients of all sizes and industries thrive. Contact us today for a free consultation or give us a call at (800) 978-3417.