Email has the greatest ROI of the majority of common online marketing strategies. However, some companies have much better results than others. If you think your email campaign could be performing better, examine your organizational strategies to determine whether or not you need to make any changes in your approach. If you are not achieving your goals, try implementing the following three strategies to improve your email marketing performance.

Technology is constantly changing and email is not different. Modern email options are useful for deployment. They include a greater use of targeting and segmentation, better address acquisition and improved message design. Email marketing managers, chief marketing officers and heads of digital marketing should stay up to date on email options and discuss them with management. Newer options also have updated integration of email and web analytics as well as CRM and subscriber-centric perspectives. Subscriber-centric perspectives are now able to include relevant content and more transparent processes for subscribing and unsubscribing.

Employees are probably too focused on current email campaigns to ask for better resources. However, if they had the time to stand back and look at other options they would recognize how useful these tools could be.

Look at email as more than a selling tool. Do more than peddle the latest promotion with an email message. Use email to up sell and cross sell merchandise. Email is also a way to introduce yourself to new customers and guide them to different resources. Email is also a useful form of communication when it comes to customer support, and it will help you keep in touch with past customers.

Provide your employees with the training and equipment they need in order to use email to its full potential. Buy new equipment and send employees to seminars. Investing time to train employees, along with the money, will give your email marketing performance a boost.

Appreciate employees who take it upon themselves to improve email performance. Do not penalize them for taking the time necessary to gather information, edit a list, divide that list and write different messages. Not to mention testing the messages, overseeing deployment and evaluating the results. Thank those employees who take the time to do the job well, and encourage your team to optimize the email marketing program. Try to reorganize the workflow of the person in charge of email marketing and invest in his or her training. Support creativity in the area and you could be pleasantly surprised by the results. Remember that email is an essential tool for marketing to clients, and it deserves your time and attention.

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