Grow Your Online BusinessEvery online business owner needs to make the most out of every dollar earned or spent. Sometimes that means locating and utilizing tools that cost little or nothing, yet potentially provide significant returns on their investment, be it money and/or time. Below are five online resources that business owners can easily adapt to meet the needs of their enterprise, to support their business goals and initiatives.

  1. RESOURCE: Email updates from the Small Business Administration (SBA).
    VALUE: The SBA is a non-profit that assists businesses with financial and general business information to help them grow. Signing up for news and information directed to their inbox saves both time and money. Business owners can receive useful information that they can apply immediately to reduce their overhead, improve employee morale, streamline their online sales funnel, in short, to run their businesses more efficiently and effectively. They may also be able to cut back on costly subscriptions to industry trade magazines as well as reclaim the time spent reviewing these publications.
  2. RESOURCE: Google Analytics
    VALUE: Part of Google’s Webmaster Tools, this freeware has become the industry standard over the past decade. It’s charts and graphs provide insight into a web based business’ Key Performance Metrics (KPI). Tracking these metrics enables business owners to view their site’s performance, and to target areas ripe for updating. Working in tandem with a Digital Agency providing customized Search Engine Optimization (SEO) initiatives and an overall strategy, will ensure that any online enterprise is on a direct course to achieve and exceed its stated business goals.
  1. RESOURCE: Establishing and maintaining a social media presence
    VALUE: Even businesses that do not actively participate in social media initiatives, such as promoting their offers on Facebook and Twitter, or by creating showcase pages on LinkedIn, may attract new business simply from the word-of-mouth generated by social media users. Social media is a powerful contender in the marketing promotion wars. According to VoucherBin, a marketing statistics firm, 4 out of 5 small businesses report using social media outlets to attract new business, and 3 of them find this a highly successful tactic. Couple this with the fact that 80% of consumers state that their buying decisions are influenced by user generated content (i.e. social media and web-based testimonials). And finally, that 46% of shoppers state that they rely on social media whenever they make a purchase. Viewed from this standpoint, online businesses without a social media presence are losing business opportunities and potential revenue.
  2. RESOURCE: Blog topic generator –
    VALUE: Most online business owners know the value of blogging about topics of interest to their clients. They also know that frequent blogs engage visitors and grow their number of site visitors, leading to more sales and increased revenue. The problem is coming up with relevant topics of interest to readers. There are many services that will perform this task for a monthly subscription fee. However, the website Hubspot offers a free blog topic generator that assists business owners to come up with blog topics on the fly. This way business owners can maximize the time they allocate to blog writing, so the result will be more effective at attracting new business.
  3. RESOURCE: Active Web Group Newsletter:
    VALUE: In response to numerous clients and business owners who requested to be kept up to date regarding online business initiatives and digital marketing campaign strategies, Active Web Group, a leading digital agency, has responded with our monthly AWG Newsletter. We invite interested business owners to sign up to receive the latest online marketing tips regarding how social media, pay-per-click marketing, email marketing services, web development and programming, as well as search engine optimization (SEO) can benefit their enterprises. These newsletters provide nuggets of useful industry information that online business owners can immediately use to help grow their businesses. Visit our website to sign up today!

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