Virtual Reality in 2017Video has become more dominant in digital communication. In 2017 it is expected to take new forms that will change the digital advertising landscape forever. Based on click-throughs, online users are already demonstrating more interest in video content than text. Now, video is poised to enhance the personal user experience as well via Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality (or VR) promises to change the direction of online advertising, taking this communication format in an entirely new direction. Brands are already becoming proficient in the art of storytelling, which is proving to be an excellent tactic for breaking through the clutter of our content-saturated world. What if these stories became more real? With VR, they will be. Advertising and overall branding will become more of a personal experience, rather than a video on screen. The engagement will be unparalleled, as prospective customers will literally be able to visualize themselves with a product or service. The phrase “seeing is believing” has never been more true.

What Your Brand Can Do

The paradigm shift in 2017 will reach groundswell proportions as the majority of companies will enter this marketplace. How can you position your brand to succeed?

Is VR Right For My Business?

The sooner your brand adapts to VR, greater success will be achieved. Eventually, all brands will take part in the virtual experience, but the early adapters will make the most impact. This offers a limited window of time for your brand to make a statement. For virtual reality in 2017, the time to act is now.

VR is about interaction, so your brand should focus on providing user excitement! Position your product/service as an experience instead of a conventional promotion.

Potential customers should be able to readily see the benefits of using your product/service, which is one major advantage that VR has over other marketing tactics. For instance: if you’re selling a car, you would likely want to focus on the interior and how it would make potential customers feel, rather than the specs.

Showcasing your brand and products as an experience will not only take the best advantage of VR, but will enable brands to reach their online goals faster!

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