Responding on Social MediaThose who manage or are considering implementing a social media campaign need to consider the advantages to responding promptly on social media. It’s detrimental not to respond quickly and accurately to queries and requests, as social media has become a standard for branding. Any business that doesn’t excel at providing this simple customer service deliverable, will appear less desirable to potential customers. Over the last five years, social media has become a vital part of the customer service funnel, and you know the saying – the customer is always right. How will it look if you’re not responsive to your customers at their convenience? It’s important for your customers to know they can contact your brand, if and as needed. This can eliminate any hesitation to engage on social media, which can increase sales as well.

Poor Customer Service is Costing Brands an Estimated $41,000,000,000 Annually (New Voice Media)

Engagement with untapped consumer demographics is one of the main reasons brands establish and maintain social media presence. Therefore, keeping your customer waiting (and potentially ignoring them) is counterproductive. Providing the best possible customer service via social media outlets, should be seen as an opportunity to make a great impact on your customers.

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Providing solid customer service promotes brand loyalty and increases overall retention – two vital elements to a successful business. Going the extra mile will also leave the impression that you care about your customers, which results in positive experiences and eventually, good word-of-mouth. This can be the best measure of brand marketing success!

Churn Rate Increases 15% for Customers When Brands Fail to Respond on Social Media (Gartner)

Social media is becoming the go-to place for customers to receive assistance, which means it can alleviate some of the reliance your business might have on call centers. Allocating your customer service to social media is not only showing your company is current; it’s also working efficiently, which can save money on overhead, and salaries.

To summarize, there is much to gain by responding promptly to consumers on social media, and much to lose by leaving these potential customers waiting. If increasing ROI is among your business goals, you might want to revamp the way your business handles customer service.

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