Web traffic is a funny thing. People always want more of it. I agree more is usually better. However, few business owners pay attention to the web traffic they already have. Lets say your website gets 500 visitors a month. That is a small amount of web traffic compared to the web world. If your average client pays you $3,000 a month and you convert one visitor each month into a client, then you have a great website. That means you will have gained 12 clients or $36,000 per month at the end of only 12 months. Suppose with the same 500 visitors, your website was better optimized for a call to action or lead generation and you could close just one more account.

That would mean in 12 months you pick up a revenue stream of $432,000 more per year. That number is worth working on. The first thing you need to do is figure out where the traffic is coming from and what they are looking at when they get there. Are you guiding the traffic to a call to action? Are you presenting a compelling offer? Spend at least one hour a week looking at your web traffic and I can almost guarantee you will make some changes on your website that make a difference to your bottom line.

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