shutterstock_233716384Websites are no longer allowed to be the “online business card” they once were. Instead, a company’s website is a living, breathing reflection of their business, and a poorly maintained website can have just as negative an impact on revenue as a run-down brick-and-mortar store would.

At Active Web Group, we feel that a site is never complete, especially with the constant stream of algorithm updates, user trends and design innovations. Instead, we encourage our clients to keep their website healthy and up-to-date by employing the following website maintenance methods so potential and returning customers get the most out of their online experience:

Make sure desktop and mobile users can experience your site to its full potential

As you may know, mobile usage on the web has now surpassed desktop usage. Accordingly, Google’s algorithm is now rewarding mobile friendly sites with better SEO rankings. This means if you want your business to rank well, you need to ensure that regardless of how a user accesses your page they’re still getting the full experience. View our Responsive Web Design case study to learn more.

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Keep content fresh

Just as you may update your seasonal inventory or repaint your store’s interior, website content needs to be kept up-to-date so that users are encouraged to visit your site regularly. Your website is the best way to keep your customers informed of new products, promotions, and general updates from your brand. Keeping quiet would be like keeping your storefront locked!

Be fast and reliable

If your website runs slowly, it’s not only creating a bad user experience, it’s also damaging your search engine rankings and reputation. Website errors and broken links will also cause similar damage. Ensure your website is running fast and efficient by running diagnostics regularly.

Optimize your graphics

According to Google developer Ilya Grigorik, images account for the majority of downloaded bytes on any given website. The size, quality, and file type of the images can all affect the overall performance of your page. Optimize your images to get the best looking visuals that use the least amount of data possible.

Win a lift in traffic by taking an active approach to your website maintenance

By taking an active approach to your website maintenance, you’ll welcome more traffic to your page with open arms. Users will want to spend more time on your page thanks to an improved experience, and you’ll see new incoming traffic thanks to higher search rankings. It’s a winning formula for any business.

If you aren’t already applying these tactics to your website, today is the day to start. Website maintenance gives faster load times, a better user experience, improved search ranking, and more traffic. Remember, your webpage is your brand’s most public asset, make sure you’re giving it the attention it deserves.

Active Web Group is a Long Island website design firm that has worked with businesses at both local and national levels. Learn more about the websites we’ve launched and maintained by visiting our portfolio or contact us if you’d like take a more active approach to your own website.

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