shutterstock_266850806In the age where social media has become a vital part of just about every company’s online marketing strategy, the same question pops up over and over again – What can social media do for my company? The most skeptical questions tend to come from clients whose customers are business-to-business, rather than business-to-consumer. How can social media be useful to them when they don’t necessarily require a public persona and aren’t selling a product to a typical consumer?

You are Selling to a Consumer

It is a false notion that just because your potential customers aren’t going to a brick and mortar shop or online store means that you don’t need social media. Your customers are other businesses and you need to find them and sell to them just as you would to a B2C consumer. They need to understand the product or service that you’re offering, why they should buy it, and most important, why they should buy it from you. Because the potential pool of customers can be much smaller since it is B2B, it is vital to leverage every option available to increase your reach.

Increase your reach with a Social Media Campaign.

Which Social Media Channels Should B2B Companies Use?

The number one suggestion that we give to our clients is to develop and implement a LinkedIn campaign. Boasting 380 million registered members with 118 million in the U.S. alone (source:, LinkedIn can become an integral part of your marketing strategy when leveraged properly.

What Can My Company Do with LinkedIn?

  • Establish clear company/product branding – There can be hundreds or even thousands of companies competing against yours. Figure out what sets your company apart and leverage that to build a name for yourself.
  • Set your company and its employees up as thought leaders within your industry – Establishing your company as one of the thought leaders and innovators in your field is critical to your success. Participate in group discussions and post content about new breakthroughs and products from your company. Let people see that you are the go to company in your field.
  • Develop relationships with similarly minded individuals – By joining groups and connecting with individuals within your industry, you can begin to develop professional relationships that may lead to new business and increased opportunities for your company. You may also pick up some things that you didn’t know and increase your own knowledge base.
  • Identify new opportunities – Let your salespeople spend some time on LinkedIn. Allow them to develop relationships with employees at other. Encourage them to join groups whose members are in your company’s target verticals and explore opportunities for sales and networking.
  • Attract new talent to your company – Along with industry veterans looking for new and exciting opportunities, according to LinkedIn, there are over 39 million students and college grads on LinkedIn. Find and connect with the next industry rock star before your competitors do.

B2B is all about relationships. Successful salespeople who have been around for a long time will tell you that relationships are the key to sales. But now, instead of getting in a car and driving from business to business, now you can connect with people thousands of miles away. From leads to new business, LinkedIn can be one of the most important marketing choices that your company can make to increase its growth. Still have questions? Let the experts at Active Web Group show you how to leverage LinkedIn and other social media channels to grow your business. Connect with our company on LinkedIn and then give us a call today at (800) 978-3417.

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