Positive ReviewsThe internet has changed the way people shop. Today’s consumers have an arsenal of online resources like search engines, forums and review sites that help them minimize risks and avoid buyer’s remorse. It’s called online research.

Reviews are often the first thing people search for and you know what they say about first impressions.

Your online reviews can either make or break your online business because it’s likely one of the first things potential customers see when they’re interested in making a purchase.

But here’s the thing:

Negative reviews are inevitable, even for the most successful businesses.

Here are some top causes for bad online reviews:

  • Sneaky competitors
  • Customer confusion
  • Impossible to please customers
  • Mistakes

While you may not be able to eliminate negative reviews, you can drown them out.

Here are two examples:

Negative Reviews

Poor reviews will deter potential customers, so it’s important to maintain a respectable overall rating. In this case, the bad review basically cancelled out the good review!

Majority of Positive Reviews

In this example, the one bad review was overshadowed by an overwhelming majority of positive reviews. This provides the context and confidence boost potential shoppers need to consider you.

This is why positive reviews are so valuable!

Below we’ll outline a few ways you can get more positive online reviews for your business.

Identify Key Platforms For Review Hosting

You don’t have to be reviewed everywhere, just the outlets that your ideal customers would use. For example, a restaurant owner would want to focus on accruing positive reviews on Yelp because that’s where people search for places to eat. Being present on the right sites will increase relevant exposure and maximize the impact of each positive review.

Get More Positive Reviews

Politely Ask Your Valuable Customers

Leaving reviews doesn’t even cross the mind of most people unless they’re extremely satisfied or angry. Politely asking satisfied customers for a review is a great way to put the thought in their mind.

Be Prompt

Ask for your review while it’s still fresh in your customers’ minds. We recommend asking within a few days of their purchase.

Relate your request to their personal experience with your business. This will help you get more reviews, and offer genuine feedback that you can use to improve the way you do business. Think of your reviews as pieces that make up the story of your business.

Offer Incentives

Look at it from the customer’s perspective. What’s in it for them?

Sure, some people will leave a review just to be nice, but most need some form of incentive. Offer something small enough to motivate them to leave nice reviews without sacrificing too much.

You want honest feedback, even if it isn’t as shiny. Manufacturing misleading reviews is both unethical and easy to spot. Collecting genuine reviews is the best long-term strategy.

Here are some examples of small incentives:

  • Future Discounts + Bonuses
  • Free Contest Entries
  • Free Shipping

Make the Process Painless

The easier it is to leave reviews for your business, the better. Send your customers a link to a simple landing page that makes it fast and easy to leave a review.

Likeliness to Leave a Positive Review

Having trouble getting more positive reviews? The experts at Active Web Group are happy to help! We’ll give you a Free Reputation Management Analysis to determine what your brand needs to succeed and how to get it. Can’t wait? Give us a call at 800-978-3417!