SEO Puzzle imageRecently I ran into an old friend at Stop and Shop. We both have been busy and have not spoken much during the past year. We worked in retail together for a few years awhile back. My god how time flies. As we were catching up, the subject of career came up as it always does. When I spoke about being a SEO specialist, he thought all I did was play with Title and Meta tags.

To my friend Brian and anyone who has similar beliefs about what an SEO specialist does, let it be known that to fully optimize a web site is a lot more complicated than just writing title and meta tags. If SEO was all about Title and Meta tags I think a lot of us would be out of a job. To be a good SEO specialist a certain level of artistry, programming, and literacy is needed.

Don’t get me wrong, Title and Meta tags do play an important role when determining the position of a web site in the search results, but Title and Meta tags are just one piece of the SEO puzzle. Let me break it down for you, you have a hundred pieces of your website that the search engines look at and the more pieces you optimize the better your search engine rankings will be. If you have more pieces optimized then your competitors you will out rank them. If you are missing pieces or have pieces that are not fully optimized towards the search engines algorithms, your competitors will outrank you. I know you’re thinking you have all the same pieces optimized as your competitors and you’re still annoyed because they are beating you. Sometimes their pieces are better optimized or just fit together nicer. This can be frustrating but it doesn’t mean your competitors can’t be beaten. Clients come to me beyond page ten and I find ways to get them to position one. There is always a way to beat them, and my team at Active Web Group is real good at finding a way.

Did you know page load time, total number of links, headlines, sitemaps, site age, content, image usage, link titles, robots files, blogs, sub domains, site architecture, flash, etc are all important pieces of a website that can make you or break you that are commonly missed. This might be how your competition is beating you. How do I know this? I do website analyses; trust me I know what websites are commonly missing. All that I just mentioned as well as others are just small pieces of the greater SEO puzzle. When you put all the puzzle pieces together properly, your website will be rewarded by the search engines.

Do you need help getting each piece of your website properly optimized? Contact me; I’d love to help you!

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