Understanding how organic SEO efforts should work alongside Pay Per Click advertising is important to create a cohesive online marketing strategy.  Many companies tend to focus on one over the other when they, in reality, have very different strengths (and weaknesses) when it comes to generating meaningful online traffic.  Both of these channels are powerful tools in boosting your site/brand authority, all while increasing traffic and revenue for your business.

Organic SEO primarily utilizes the site’s contents to generate favorable rankings in search engines.  There are other strategies, such as link building and social media posts, that are also part of this effort, but as far as improving search ranking results, on site organic SEO is the primary method.  This element of online marketing is generally slow and should be approached methodically for the SERP’s to adequately evaluate the content and, eventually, yield an improved rank when a user is searching on a relevant keyword.  

The largest expense to a company using this method is the cost of ongoing content generation and publishing.  Pay per Click, however, is a much faster way to generate traffic.  A company bids on keywords that are relevant to their brand, and traffic is then directed to the site via the ads.  The expense here is the cost of the “click”.  This marketing channel is basically instantaneous. One drawback is there is a percentage of users who, for whatever reason, will not click on an advertisement online.  This potential group of customers is lost to PPC and can only get directed to a site through organic search results.

Decoding the data garnered from each marketing channel will help to leverage a company’s results over time.  By utilizing information gathered by using both of these channels, a marketer can increase the results for each dramatically.  Organic search research can result in meaningful guidance for the pay per click channel.  On the other hand, responses from PPC campaigns can assist in guiding organic SEO efforts.  If a keyword or keyword phrase gets good results, taking an organic approach to that word or phrase may result in improved ranks when a user types it into their search bar.

An additional benefit of using both SEO and PPC strategies is that users, searchers, and potential customers are far more likely to see value in a brand that is well represented across the SERP’s as well as paid advertising.
By balancing both organic and paid search strategies, businesses can create a well-rounded online marketing strategy that will generate positive results in both the short and long term of operation.

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