Corporate Reputation Management

For decades, corporate reputation management was associated with protecting Fortune 500 companies’ reputation in the press. Today, due to eCommerce, online reputation management (ORM) is a concern for companies of every size in every part of the globe. It’s no longer a battle against scandalous headlines. eCommerce websites that have been targets of negative press usually find their profits are negatively impacted as well. Through online forums, review sites, and/or search engine local ads, detrimental postings can be made by disgruntled customers, or even by competitors. Who needs reputation management? If you own an online business, you do! Here’s what to look for in a corporate reputation management firm:

Is The Company Credible?

Corporate Reputation Management

How many clients does the company have? What is their standard of ethics? Are they affiliated with the Better Business Bureau? How much success and experience does this company have? These are the kind of questions that you should be asking yourself with you partner with a corporate reputation management company. Bad press can occur at any time. Establishing a relationship with a highly experienced company will provide both peace of mind and the assurance that the issue will be rectified as quickly as possible. Be sure to request metrics that prove a prospective ORM company’s assertions of success to be certain you are hiring the best firm to preserve your enterprise’s good standing in its online community.

How Does Their ORM Service Work?

Knowing exactly how the ORM process works is going to be another important aspect of choosing the right ORM company for your corporation. Corporate reputation management must be time-based. Do you need a company that can edge bad press off page one of Google within six months, or do you need a company that can accomplish this sooner? Will your enterprise face any negative fallout from your ORM company’s methods? Communication between your corporation and the corporate reputation management agency should be transparent so you are aware every step of the way. Knowing the online reputation repair methodology being rolled out will provide insight as to how the public reacts to your brand’s new position over time. This will enable adjustment as needed to both the ORM process and your online marketing campaign to fully support and optimize ORM initiatives.

Reputation management is an important professional communications practice – an integral component of public relations. This practice ensures that the information about an organization or business that is accessible to the public is accurate, up-to-date, and authentic. Business owners interested in exploring their corporate reputation management options may contact Active Web Group Inc. at 800-978-3417 and request their Free Reputation Management Analysis.