Available for over 20 years and popular for over 15, the Internet and specifically its users can be viewed as both innocent and easily manipulated by unscrupulous websites. The myth that information found on the Internet is true is widely believed. In fact, much conjecture and outright opinion passes as fact online. Positive or negative, what we read online we generally take as truth. It didn’t take long for social media to become a platform for opinions and for some to see it as a vehicle for subtle self-promotion by throwing bricks at those competing for the same market share. Some e-businesses find themselves being panned by competitors who hire persons to post negative comments posing as dissatisfied consumers, for example. On other occasions a negative post may be valid but using social media outlets to resonate a minor infraction could prove most unwelcome if it climbs prominently high in a site’s rankings potentially impacting their good name and revenue.

Reputation Management (RM) bridges how a firm perceives itself and how it is perceived. Reputation Management practices can be part of a sound Search Engine Optimization strategy or stand alone as a means to correcting a branding issue. Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) are often the primary focus of RM efforts. Initiatives include proactively responding to public claims and criticism, stepping up complete SEO practices by optimizing white papers and positive customer testimonials. These strategies are all part of proper SEO practices and are not manipulative or dishonest.

As with most online campaigns, there is a right and a wrong way to go about restoring your good name. It is therefore especially important to hire a company that promotes ethical best practices and not spammy or manipulative techniques aimed at altering search results, or by ‘gaming the system’. When seeking an Internet Marketing firm to both rescue and safeguard your Company’s hard-won good reputation, consider Active Web Group. Using only thorough SEO practices, we will assess your situation and offer a valid and honest approach to turning around any negative public opinion. In addition to Reputation Management, Active Web offers a full spectrum of web services including web design, programming, Pay-Per-Click and email marketing.