Tesla BrandingIt’s amazing how a name can be synonymous with a brand, and how that name can influence the overall perception people have of that brand.

CEO, Elon Musk’s intention to travel to Mars has grabbed headlines and attention worldwide. Visiting the red planet has been a sci-fi fantasy of eons, however, Elon Musk and SpaceX stand determined to take us there within our lifetime.

With such innovative plans, it’s no surprise that Elon Musk has become branded as futuristic, as will anything he creates, or has part in. So what does this mean for Tesla Motors? While Tesla vehicles are already innovative electric luxury cars with self-driving capabilities, there’s additional notoriety (and market share) to be gained in having a CEO that speaks of going where no man has gone before. This adds substantial credibility to any and all of Musk’s intentions, and puts Tesla Motors in a league of its own from a marketing perspective.

Tap Into Futuristic Branding

Taking a deeper look at Tesla Motors’ branding enforces one marketing principle – finding a niche and perfecting it. This is exactly what Musk has done with the Tesla. Tesla Motors’ branding has become more than just about cars, it’s about alternative energy and change. This dynamic concept is appealing when most other luxury cars look about the same. As a relatively new company (founded in 2003), Tesla Motors has done the best job of any car manufacturer at standing out from its competition. The ever-increasing demand for Tesla cars underscores that claim.

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So What Does This Mean?

Tesla Motors can market their cars differently than their competitors because of their incredibly unique branding. Musk has already succeeded in his outlandish, almost Mission Impossible, task of altering our universe through modern, eco-friendly, human transportation! No need to settle for a Delorean, Tesla is the automotive brand for today, and the intergalactic future. Tesla’s cars are unique, so their marketing can be unique. Tesla Motors marketing team has created a niche that is creating incredible demand, largely in part because of Elon’s futuristic appeal.

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