This just in: Yahoo has adopted the techniques used by Spamhaus to monitor their email deliverability. But what exactly does this mean to your company and its email campaigns? Depending on the practices used by your email service provider (ESP) along with your current email marketing guidelines, it can mean the difference between showing up in your recipients’ email boxes and being blacklisted.

Yahoo and other ISPs are allowed to filter email using their own individual methods. Usually this means relying on their internal lists and tools. However, with Yahoo’s adoption of Spamhaus blacklists, they have now added an “outsourced” filtering solution in addition to their internal mechanisms.

Spamhaus is one of several companies that tracks Internet spammers, spam gangs and spam services. In addition, it provides dependable, real-time anti-spam protection for Internet networks, and it works with law enforcement to identify and pursue spammers worldwide. Since Spamhaus employs some of the most stringent anti-spam techniques in use today, emailers have to be very careful not to land their IP address on its highly feared blacklists as this can be extremely detrimental to their business.

Yahoo’s decision to adopt Spamhaus’ blacklists shouldn’t be looked at negatively. It simply means that ESPs can no longer buy their way into recipients’ mailboxes. Instead, deliverability will depend more on a company’s email reputation, which is obviously more advantageous to Yahoo’s subscribers.

Since Yahoo is one of the largest email providers on the planet, this is pretty big news in the email marketing industry. Businesses will have to work harder to make sure that they comply with Spamhaus’ strict regulations, some of which encourage double opt-in registration and list cleanliness. Part of the focus now is on how each company’s IP address is perceived, which means reputable companies that adhere to email marketing best practice guidelines have a much better chance to increase their and deliverability.

Active Web Group rigorously adheres to all CAN-SPAM laws and has been utilizing double opt-in registration for quite some time. In addition to having a no-tolerance anti-spam policy, Active Web Group’s customer support team actively monitors large import lists and emails going to a large number of subscribers. We make certain that information in headers is not misleading, and that all email includes an opt-out link. Plus, we immediately and zealously honor opt-out and unsubscribe requests for our clients.

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