To many, social media marketing strategies begin and end with a few Facebook posts and Twitter updates, but in reality, there’s a whole area of untapped marketing potential to be had. It’s more time consuming for sure, but you can bet that it pays off big and has the potential to create fans, shares, website traffic, better brand recognition and lasting impressions. A YouTube channel can be a serious boom to businesses who are striving to make their mark in the online arena.

YouTube Engages Your Audience

Now you can show (and not just tell) them why your products or services are the best. Are you a BBQ restaurant? Show hungry ‘cue lovers how to make your sauce (sans secret ingredients, of course) with a brief cooking demonstration. Are you a pest control company? Show your audience one of the cool tools you use and provide an overview of how it works to clear out the nastiest of household pests.

YouTube Videos are Easily Shareable

It couldn’t be easier to share your YouTube videos; just copy and paste the link ( is a great tool for making a long link short and easily manageable) or click the ‘Embed’ button to embed your video right onto your Facebook wall or homepage.

YouTube Videos Put a Friendly Face to the Business

With YouTube, you can’t help but tell a story and put a friendly, personal touch to your business offerings. Don’t sell at your customers – speak to them. Now you have sights and sounds at your disposal to convey the best attributes of the individuals who make your business run.

YouTube Can Link Back to Your Site

Turn your YouTube views into website traffic by making a clickable link available in the video description box or even on the video itself. Just make sure to monitor its effectiveness in drawing website visitors in order to determine how much time to spend on your YouTube marketing efforts.

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