Once there was a self-explanatory TV show called ‘Bowling for Dollars.’ If your goals for your website’s optimization campaign run along the same lines — increased conversions and a higher ROI — then you’ll need to consider how every aspect of your website can be used to attract qualified site visitors. Video optimization is a fairly new option so use it not only to get a jump on your competition, but also if you are a small company or even a startup to appear to have an even larger web presence.

Right now it is not possible for search engine spiders and bots to scan most video content. There are exceptions, but none apply directly to improving SEO. Currently page factors, video file metadata, inbound links and anchor text are the only clues search engines ‘see’ to determine a video’s SEO value.

Here are some pointers for maximum optimization of your site’s video content:

  • No surprise here: Ensure your video has content of value to your users and relates to your branding initiatives. If you work in SEO no further explanation is necessary.
  • Keep your video length to less than 5 minutes and be sure to use a keyword in the video title and throughout the metas. Pick one preferred video format for all your videos to aid selection by both visitors and search engines.
  • There are a few video-specific search engines. To attract them, ensure that your video file contains the standard metas: title/description/keywords/tags. Boost quality backlinks by exploring embedding options.
  • Do not forget to include an html page on your site so users can read about your video. A brief, keyword-rich description of your video will harvest the most bang from visiting search engines.
  • Help turn a visitor into a viewer. Thumbnails aid in video selection.
  • Take note: Avoid Flash (that’s a given). Keep all your videos in one directory to make it easier for search engines to find them. Create a separate Video Sitemap to enable the search engine crawlers to find your videos.
  • There are also third party video sites that accept RSS or MRSS feeds. It’s another opportunity to send your basic metadata (i.e. title/description/keywords/category/transcript) where search engines are certain to find it.
  • Video upload sites such as YouTube allow some optimization opportunities. Reuse your metadata and be sure to link back to related content and videos residing on your site.

These are some basic options for optimizing your site via your videos. Chances are you hired a professional team to create your video in the first place. Many of our clients have turned to Active Web Group to optimize, promote and to ensure every aspect of their website is moving their firm toward achieving their desired goals. For a no-cost site evaluation including how we can make your videos perform well for you, call us today!