Using lists is a great way to engage your audience in a fun, easy fashion that doesn’t take a lot of their time or yours. Check out some of our great reasons for using succinct lists for your connection with repeat customers and casual readers alike.

Lists Are Easy To Read

Getting your audience to commit to reading your content is the first step. This way of “chunking” your content into lists is a great way to present information that splits the concepts into bite-size chunks of info, making consumption easier and faster.

Lists Help You to Make Your Point Simply and Effectively

In each entry you can touch on a specific subject, make a valid point or give a great example pertaining to your chosen topic. Just make sure each entry stays on point and is just as interesting as the last so you can keep your reader’s attention until the end.

You Can Establish a Hierarchy of Importance

While many lists won’t need to adhere to a least-to-most important format, some can and should. This type of ranking can be utilized to build anticipation as the reader goes. Use your best judgment.

Easy Organization of Information

If your reader is interested in one entry of your list and not another, they can easily skip to a subject of interest, whereas they may not know that an interesting topic is coming up in a standard piece of writing. The title of a list is specific, and its structure is great for reinforcing the value of what the reader will learn.

They’re Popular

Internet lists are very popular. Respectable, long-running publications like Time Magazine have online iterations that create lists for their online readers. Check out Time’s 2012 end of the year lists here. Many other publications have jumped on the list bandwagon with great success as well.

Remember, lists are great for attracting readers, but what you really need is excellent content to keep them coming back for more. Try your hand at writing up a list and posting it to Facebook or piece by piece on Twitter to get your customers, clients and partners interested in your products and services.

At Active Web Group, we understand that most business owners are so involved in the daily operations of their business and attending to the needs of their customers that they’re unable to focus on pursuits such as these. So please, feel free to allow our team of Internet Marketing experts to create top-notch lists and other content to help broaden and deepen your engagement with your audience. Call 1-800-978-3417 or Contact Active Web Group, and we’ll develop the best content to connect.