Use Page Likes ads to get more fansCompanies of all types and sizes use Facebook ads as one of their primary means of advertising to help meet all sorts of business goals, such as increased website visits, email signups, event attendance and ultimately, sales conversions. Page Admins have the ability to deliver timely and relevant offers, promotions and messages to specific demographics based on key parameters to target consumers who are interested in their products or services right at their fingertips.

There are several different types of Facebook ad campaigns from which to choose. To boost Facebook page likes while promoting a timely offer, choose a Pages Likes ad, also known as a sponsored story. They have the potential get to your company page instant exposure to new fans, helping to grow your audience, build your brand, and increase customer loyalty. Compared to organic posts that briefly appear in newsfeeds (if they appear at all) Facebook makes it much more likely for new targeted audiences to see these types of paid ads.

How Do I Set Up a Page Likes Ad?

To get started, log into your home/personal Facebook page that’s associated with your business page and click on the “Ads Manager” tab in the upper left hand corner. Once on this page, click the small bullhorn that says “Create an Ad,” which is in the same area. You’ll then be taken to a page that gives you a variety of ad options, including a “Promote Your Page” option with the famous thumbs up icon.

Once there, choose your business’s Facebook page from the drop down menu or enter its URL. Here, you’ll be able to create a custom name for your Page Likes ad, which will help keep you organized. Fill out the Step 2 in the “Who do you want your ads to reach?” fields. You can choose custom audiences, locations, age ranges, gender, languages, interests, behaviors, existing Facebook connections, and of course, your ad spend per day.

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A great feature about Facebook advertising is that you have full control of your budget, so determine how much you’d like to allot in advance. The larger the budget, the more people your ad campaign will reach; the lower the budget, the less people your ad campaign will reach. If you’re unsure about where to begin, start on the lower side (but not too low) and go from there. Wait to see the results the ad yields and adjust your budget accordingly.

Schedule when you’d like your ad to run, whether it’s for a day, week, a month or indefinitely. Choose a captivating image to increase the likelihood that your new target audience will click on the ad and act upon it for increased conversions. Write an engaging headline and content that’s short and sweet to go along with your ad, one that prompts an important action. Choose the landing view, which is a particular view or app on your Page where people will land when they click on your ad (this option only applies to desktop placements). You can create an ad that directs visitors to your website, encourages more email signups, boosts event attendance, and more. It depends on your specific ad goal.

“But I Really Don’t Have The Time…”

When it comes to social media marketing, this is a phrase we hear often. During hectic day-to-day business dealings, you may not have enough hours to put into SMM. Facebook page Admins may not be sure how to create ads from scratch, decide on a budget, or know how long to run your campaign. Many businesses also need assistance with setting demographic information.

For optimal Like Ad success and ultimately, sales conversions, your best bet is to use a digital marketing agency that can help you implement and balance each type of Facebook ad campaign — not just Page Likes ads — putting each into play at exactly the right day and time. With Facebook ad campaign strategies are put into motion at key moments, not only will your Page Likes begin to soar, all other marketing efforts will be supported to help meet your business goals.

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