Build a better email listLife is full of lists. Guest lists, shopping lists, to-do lists and for your business’s email marketing, contact lists. The success of your company’s email marketing campaign hinges upon building a list of value from the start. To keep your contacts growing with quality subscribers — ones who actually open, read and act after reading them — can be challenging, particularly with other companies vying for their attention. To make your email lists grow with contacts that count, try these valuable techniques:

Be Consistent with Offers

Whatever your business, consistency and valuable content in email marketing are key. Customers are more likely to subscribe to something with a clear discount in the subject line and regular special offer. If sent on a routine basis, consumers will get to better know your brand. This makes it less likely for them to unsubscribe, or worse, mark your message as spam. Instead, they’ll shop on your website or pay a visit to your store to benefit from the deal.

Leverage Social Media

Almost everyone has an email address, and these accounts are checked more frequently than ever. With a plethora of new applications and social media platforms, come countless opportunities to grow your list. Use them to reach new audiences, establish relationships with a fresh batch of customers and strengthen relationships with existing ones.

Use Online and Offline Tactics

The two can work together to build stronger lists. Direct mail is one offline method to collect email addresses using such items as bills and subscriptions. When a consumer provides their email address to receive direct mail, it is important that they are emailed ASAP to keep your brand fresh in their minds. This is also the perfect opportunity to send a welcome email to leave a great first impression.

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Make Sign-Up Easy

Subscribing to your email list should never be difficult. One simple, yet effective way to gain contacts is to include an email sign-up box on your website. Those visiting should be able to locate the sign-up box right away and know exactly what they are signing up for. Place your sign-up in the top half of the website so it’s visible as soon as the window is opened.

Use Word of Mouth

Before the internet, word of mouth was used to get people talking about brands. That method is still used frequently today. When a page becomes viral, it is because a large amount of people have shared news or a valuable offer with friends and family, most likely on a social media platform. Use this to acquire new subscribers to your email lists. After all, they are already interested in your brand and referred by someone they trust!

Give and You Shall Receive

Build loyalty and trust by offering something of value. This may range from a great discount offer to a downloadable PDF and/or whitepaper. The opportunity to get something for “free” is seen everywhere, but if that free offer has long-term benefits, there’s a better chance those subscribers will stick around to check out what comes next.

Collect Data in Person

If your business has a retail location(s), you have the distinct advantage of collecting email addresses personally. Store associates can ask for addresses at check-out, or create rewards programs that require an email address. As with any email marketing campaign, be sure your customers know exactly what they are signing up for.

Different types of businesses will require different methods of list building, but the above are general rules of thumb companies of any size can use. With the right contacts, an email list can result in increased customer loyalty and revenue, making it less likely individuals will unsubscribe and more likely you’ll reach your brand demographic. Following these best practices will help gain long-term positive results to make a tangible difference in your business’s bottom line.

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