Optimize Email Marketing for SmartphonesMore email is now read on mobile devices than anywhere else. Since marketing emails are designed primarily on desktop, they’re generally optimized for that by default. With the large number of people checking email on their phone, optimizing your email for that is more important than ever.

Keep it Simple

Your subject line should be short and sweet. Shorter subject lines have been shown to increase open rate by as much as 28%. Longer subject lines may be truncated because there’s less space to display them on a phone. Subjects with words cut off usually reduce effectiveness. Exactly how much space do you have for your subject line on mobile devices? Check out this infographic from Mass Transmit.

Are your emails mobile friendly?

Watch Your Sizing

Downloading huge images on your phone is slow, and data overages can cost the receiver dearly. Keep file sizes and image dimensions to a minimum. Most phones will resize or crop images that are more than 640 pixels wide anyway, so there’s no reason to go any wider than that.

Check Spacing

Text links can become problematic on mobile. Finger taps use a much bigger surface area than mouse clicks. If you are using text links make sure there is plenty of room around them so that taps don’t touch multiple links. A minimum of 50 pixels clearance is a good guideline.

Adjust Layout

Your call-to-action should be above the fold to make it easily reachable on mobile devices. On smartphones the fold is generally pretty high on the page so, when possible, place your call to action above the 500 pixel mark.


Make sure you are testing all of your emails for layout, clarity and usability on as many devices as possible. With the exception of older versions of Outlook, most email readers conform to HTML and CSS standards so the same rules that always applied still do.

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