That antiquated expression from the 1980s ‘Business Social’ came to mean cultivating a prospect/client by building a sound working relationship. Future contracts and revenue were the mutually understood goals. It is much the same for businesses who have heard that Social Media outlets can work in tandem with their Search Engine Optimization/Marketing (SEO, SEM) to increase their ROI.

That tantalizing fact has lead many a business owner to explore that lead by themselves. And to the uninitiated, observing entries on a personal Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or similar account may appear bewildering. How could these popular communication outlets possibly benefit anyone’s business? What can the posting of one’s every move and activity during the day possibly be of value to any online enterprise? And how can the metrics that apply to one’s SEO campaigns be put into play here? The answer is: More than apparently first meets the untrained eye.

It becomes a question of metrics. What are your key metrics? The need to acquire and track the number of leads? Branding? Organic searches? Revenue impact? Most Internet Marketing firms will collect data that is readily available to all. These metrics include fans, followers, users, viewers, subscribers, etc. who are considered to be their business’ demographic. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. To truly obtain market value for your Social Media spend, you need to define, isolate and track the metrics that will enable your business’ leadership to view where they are as well as where they need to be within a projected time-frame.

These deeper metrics are often called ‘value’ metrics as they speak to numerous levels of management within a corporation, not just the Sales department. ‘Value’ metrics include revenue, market share and overall customer/consumer satisfaction with their level of service as well as their overall brand. Another set of metrics could be called ‘Cause/Solution.’ These align all metrics tracked against the stated corporate goals. After all, what is the value of attracting more visitors to your site from Social Media channels, if they do not convert to customers? These metrics include the extended reach of the net you cast, the speed with which potential customers respond, conversion rate and several more Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

What decision makers need to do is to trust their Social Media campaign to a firm that has a long and successful track record of enabling businesses to ‘use’ social media outlets to benefit their business objectives. Active Web Group has that proven record. By assessing business’ needs, establishing measurable and accountable recording and reporting practices we can harness these powerful outlets to provide your executive leadership with the markers they require to craft consistent and repeatable measurement programs. Active Web Group does its homework to enable businesses to recognize and to understand the multiple layers of granularity used to measure, assess, define and manage their social media operations. Give us a call today!

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