What Can Effective Pardot Management Do For Your Business?

Pardot ManagementMore and more mid-size businesses to multinational enterprises are integrating Pardot, a leading focused-marketing automation solution, into their existing Salesforce platform. Their goal is to reach more potential clients and to maximize the impact of their email, social media, paid search, and other digital marketing campaigns. Among Pardot’s value-adds to users is its seamless integration within an existing Salesforce database. This way users can immediately benefit from Pardot’s automated and enhanced communication features without interrupting their workflow.

Until a few years ago, Sales and Marketing was a ‘numbers game’ that favored volume over targeting a select demographic to achieve a sale. Pardot evaluates leads, not only assigning a value to each, but also by sorting and directing every form submission to the appropriate person for follow-up. Pardot can solicit specific prospect information via customized forms then store the data in an dynamic list which can be used a number of highly effective ways. Today, the numbers game has been replaced by targeted selection and the belief that “the race goes to the swift”. Therefore, each form submission triggers a series of communication vehicles aimed at capturing the prospect’s attention and facilitating the sales funnel. It is ideal for email marketing, social media and paid search initiatives.

A Powerful Business Tool If Integrated Properly

Since Pardot is a marketing tool that integrates marketing initiatives into an existing superior lead generation software, one might expect nothing more of this merger. After all, to prospects, an immediate response usually leads to a conversion. However, Pardot’s level of granularity is extensive and additionally includes robust reporting functions that will chart a prospect’s progress as well as measure a campaign’s overall effectiveness. Here are some of its features and advantages:

  • Tracks prospect behaviors
  • Facilitates lead generation
  • Manages customized web forms
  • Offers basic search engine optimization
  • Assists in creating digital marketing campaigns
  • Assists Social Media initiatives by targeting demographics
  • Provides landing page marketing options
  • Generates email drip campaigns including lead management, nurturing, scoring as well as campaign segmentation.
  • Provides web analytics with ROI tracking
  • Tracks performance and generates reports

As you can see with all its levels of granularity, Pardot can be an exceptionally powerful business tool. However, Pardot is not an off-the-shelf, plug and play solution. To harness and profit from all the aspects this powerful tool affords requires up-front customization. This can only be achieved from a thorough understanding of the service and how it can best be utilized to achieve your business goals.

Not many firms will have the required resources in-house. The solution is to team with Active Web Group, a leading digital agency, and allow our highly-experienced team to assist yours to optimize Pardot’s powerful capabilities and benefits. First, our professionals will take the time to learn about your business and its objectives. We will then take the steps to ensure that your Pardot integration is not only seamless, but also highly effective by targeting and triggering the appropriate actions that lead to increased sales and revenue. To learn more, please contact our team at 800-978-3417.