Email Marketing AutomationOn a daily basis, new competitors step into the online arena. Over time the tried and true methods for finding, attracting and converting new prospects (such as routine email blasts) have been losing ground and for some, no longer yield the same results. Businesses that want to maintain and grow their market share are seeking new ways to find and cultivate prospects into converts. To make this happen, most realize that they have to spend money to make money. Enter Market Automation (MA). With email as its driver, MA platforms, including the industry leader, Pardot, provide the most effective strategies for ultimately achieving online business goals.

It’s widely understood that successful web businesses cultivate and enhance their visitors’ onsite experiences. That’s because website information on websites is passive, it waits to be discovered. Market Automation is active and focuses on delivering relevant and timely email messaging to prospects and customers. Also known as ‘nurturing campaigns’, automation collects and leverages prospect data. When triggered by a customized set of actions, MA will send a relevant, timely and personalized email.

For example, this level of functionality is ideal for B2B businesses which can suffer if their sales cycle is lengthy or not straightforward. With an MA solution, their site visitors’ actions can fire an email reminder that offers additional benefits, helping to move them down the sales funnel.

MA is Not a Plug and Play Scenario

Many mid- to enterprise level businesses have purchased MA platforms with the intention of spending additional tens of thousands of dollars monthly to attract and grow new business. What many business owners may not initially realize however, is that MA platforms are not an out-of-the-box, plug and play solution. In fact, these exceptionally powerful tools, such as Pardot, require an intricate set-up and have a very steep learning curve to master. Their in-house staff will require considerable training to reap the benefits of their Marketing Automation platform.

Active Web Group, a full-service digital marketing company, has extensive Pardot experience and expertise. We offer Pardot training and marketing services to our clients to assist them to realize the full-potential of this powerful automated marketing tool. Partner with AWG and you’ll benefit from having our Pardot professionals manage your MA as well as provide the training and continuous direction your in-house staff requires. We can assist your team to customize your Pardot platform so that it collects and responds to visitor events with effective messaging. This way you will maximize your platform’s marketing potential, enhance your ROI, and fully-utilize this powerful tool to achieve your online business goals.

For a confidential discussion as to how our Pardot pros can assist your in-house team to achieve MA success, we invite you to call us at (844) 394-2769.