Break free from the standard weekly email you’ve been sending, and offer something unique. Here are five suggestions that might help start the brainstorming process:

  • Promote Online Shopping Security – If your email is product heavy, create an email promoting your “secure shopping carts” or “a safe online customer purchasing experience” and how customer security is taken care of throughout the entire process.
  • Create Buzz – If you only offer 10% or free shipping with every email, offer a special time-restricted sale off large margin or clearance products to create “buzz” throughout your contact list.
  • Increase Repeat Customers – If your goal is to increase repeat customers, offer an additional 10% off a customers 2nd order.
  • Obtain New Customers – If you provide a service, such as an SEO or web hosting service, offer potential clients an incentive such as 3 months’ free hosting and optimization if they refer to another company.
  • Promote Corporate Responsibility – Some companies tend to overdue their email marketing campaigns, cluttering your inbox with 5-10 emails per week. Companies could offset their intrusiveness by adding some social value to their email, such as offering a special 2-week promotion where 10% of every order is donated to a particular charity.

These offers may help your company’s email stand out from the many others that consumers receive daily, and can also help to increase brand awareness. They’re elementary in their premise, but they give your customer a reason to click.

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