Every day, people are inundated with emails and are continuously unsubscribing from unwanted mailing lists. Understanding that having permission to advertise to someone in their inbox is extremely valuable can help focus your email strategy. What you may not realize is that simple mistakes, a little neglect or failure to send what subscribers are expecting, can drastically decrease that value. Fortunately, there are lots of easy ways to increase the ROI (return on investment) for your email marketing, and here are just a few of them.

Email Newsletter List Growth

The best way to keep your list growing is to make your sign up stand out. It should be located in the header of your website, where it will be seen across every page. Since subscribers are always worth something, offer a discount, a free trial, or something of value for signing up. Let anyone visiting your website immediately know what you’re offering. An email newsletter sign-up that says “Sign up to save 15%” will almost always outperform a more vaguely worded sign up.

One frequently used sign up call to action is a popover email newsletter signup. Some of our customers have increased sign up volume by more than 300% with them. While popovers may annoy people, there are ways to make them appear for only new visitors, only after a certain time span, only when someone scrolls down to a certain point on a page, etc. With a little testing and control, popovers can greatly increase list growth without annoying visitors.

Example of email sign up popover

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Segment Your Contacts

Once you have the newly cultivated email list, it’s important to organize your contacts into smaller groups so that you can send messages that are relevant to them. Separate by location, interests, customers, website sign ups, hot leads, cold leads or anything else you can use to send more relevant messages. Sometimes a message is universal enough that all groups should get it, but having smaller groups for more accurate targeting can really help turn around your email marketing.

Rethink Your Goals

Think about why you are sending emails in the first place. Over time the reason for sending certain types of emails may have changed. Make sure you are asking yourself not only what you want subscribers to do, but also who are you sending to, and how you will measure success. Then start implementing and testing changes to further your goals.

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