The success of a lead generation program often depends on which email addresses are available and effective email marketing. However, email marketing and lead generation programs are inefficient in many companies, and may do more harm than good over time. Following a few simple steps will transform a lacking email marketing campaign and help any business generate more and better leads.

Begin by establishing and clearly communicating goals to everyone involved. This includes any responsible third parties. Once the goals are determined, build a strategy around that goal. For example, when the goal involves email marketing, concentrate on easy ways to collect emails.

Decide on the best method for collecting personal information and clearly communicate this to your customers. Sometimes implied consent is the method chosen by businesses, which means that businesses ask for email addresses but do not disclose how a customer’s personal information is used and do not ask for consent directly. Opt-in and opt-out methods for collecting information during a promotion online are more honest. The opt-in method has an unchecked box that customers check in order for businesses to collect their personal information. The opt-out method allows customers to check a box that prevents companies from using their information. Other promotions, such as ones that provide objects of value, require an email address. However, customers are allowed to opt-out any time afterwards.

Use every method of communication available when developing a website. Have easy to navigate pages that clearly communicate your marketing goals. Utilize all possible space on content, confirmation and sign up pages, but provide alternative actions for the uncommitted. Avoid annoying pop-ups, but try forms such as standalone pages and microsite pages; WebPages are ideal for cross marketing. If customers consent for you to use their personal information, contact them quickly. Do not wait months before contacting customers. In fact, the best response is to send a confirmation email immediately after the customer signs up. The sender and subject of this “thank you” email identify you to the customer so that it is not lost in the junk mail.

Look into your program’s viral capabilities, and determine how to take advantage of the social aspects available. Participants who recommend your program to friends are a valuable resource. Study whether a campaign such as this one would help or hurt your business before launching it.

Do not launch too early. Perform tests before launching a campaign to be certain that users will be able to have pleasant experiences. Identifying functions that need improvement before launching will prevent any negative feedback about your brand and program from getting out.

Update and optimize the program regularly. Analyze and adjust the program; as time goes by the program will have to change to support customer needs. Use your metrics and consumer feedback to make adjustments. For example, you may want to implement an SEM campaign to drive traffic to your site.

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