Pay Per Click advertising is a very effective way of marketing your products or services but it requires a lot of hands-on management and strategies. One can very quickly spend a lot of money and have very little conversions to show for it. Over the last 6 years, I have learned many techniques to help customers get the maximum ROI. Below are a few tips to help you get the most out of your pay per click marketing campaigns.

All of your campaigns will contain ads that the searcher will click on to be directed to your website. These ads are extremely important to get the most you can out of your advertising and you should take the time to make sure these ads are driving as much traffic as possible to your website. These ads will be made up of a headline, description, display URL and a destination URL. Include your keywords when you can in your headline or description. It is also ideal to make your destination URL very targeted to the keywords. It is often not the best practice to have your URL going to the home page. Research the best place on your website. Both of these things will help improve relevancy and often helps improve quality score and will often decrease your overall cost.

When looking at your ads you should consider looking at running more than one ad for your keywords. Many people make the mistake of coming up with a great keyword list and then only running one ad. If you do some ad testing you can pinpoint what customers in your industry are looking for in ads and how to better market yourself to them. Changing as little as one word can often make an impact on your CTR (click through ratio). Most of the search engines allow you to run more than one ad and change the settings to determine which ads are converting better.

Keywords and managing their bids is also a crucial part of successful campaigns. Studies have shown that placement in the top 3 positions has a much higher CTR than ads in lower positions. Achieving this can sometimes be difficult with the amount of competition out there. How much you have your max CPC (cost per click) set for is a major factor in where the search engines place your ads. Some very general words such as “books” can have a lot of competitors bidding on it and cost several dollars per click in order to be in those top positions. Using more specific and long tail keywords such as “college textbooks” can result in more targeted traffic and a lower CPC. Using these more specific keywords can result in a lower cost per conversion and help with your companies ROI.

Pay per click advertising can be very profitable for your company but there are many tricks out there to keeping your cost low and also get the most out of the money you do invest. Using these techniques can help you increase the overall performance of your campaigns.

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