Custom Link BuildingNetworking is one of the most important aspects of success. If you were working a job, the only way to advance your position is through meeting new people in your field and building up professional reputation and respect. The same can be said for an online business.

Custom link building has emerged at the vanguard of SEO work. It is the practice of developing partnerships and alliances in the digital marketplace. Custom link building seeks to construct relationships with others in your field to create synergy.

Too often the prevailing mindset for an online business is asking the question “who are my competitors and how do I beat them?” An easily overlooked answer is to find neutral parties within your field, like blogs and enthusiasts of your industry, and develop a relationship with them. The relationship involves them promoting your business and site when they publish articles that are related to you. It can also just involve them publishing your link to direct their traffic to you with a simple click. The end result gives your business increased visibility and credibility within the digital marketplace.

Here are four of the biggest benefits of utilizing a custom link building strategy for your business:

Increase Website Visitors

Establishes Good Faith and Trust

Customer satisfaction is a vital component of a thriving business. Customer interest is the spark that leads to potential satisfaction. Industry approval is one of the strongest ways to generate customer interest. Through custom link building, your business can obtain valuable industry approval and support that boosts your reputation. This is valuable marketing capital. Consider that when you present your business to users, you are staking your reputation that your products and services are high quality and excellent. When you build a link with another site, they are now also staking their reputation that your business is high quality and excellent. A good SEO strategy will not try to build just any links, but will target and work with sites that have high traffic and industry respect and authority.

The Best Form of Word-of-Mouth Promotion

Word-of-mouth is a great form of advertising. It means that someone is so satisfied with your business that they go out of their way to praise you and instruct others to take their business to you. Word-of-mouth is honest and compelling because the praising person has no ulterior motive or forthcoming incentive to do it. The goal of custom link building is to take the same principles for word-of-mouth and apply it to industry experts and vocal enthusiasts. Good SEO also ensures that the voice of the built link never sounds like a sale pitch or an overt advertisement, otherwise the earnestness would be compromised.

Gets Your Name Out There

Advertising, press coverage, or simply a kind word. These are all things that marketing teams work toward to generate positive buzz about your business. Custom link building is the wave of the future in obtaining all of these. A good SEO team has a vast network of resources and techniques that help push your business’ name to the right people. A solidly built link will provide your business with positive and directed attention. Digital marketing is constantly evolving and custom link building in applied SEO strategy is the cutting edge for getting your name out there.

Builds Long Term Ties

If an article is written somewhere that mentions your business, that article will be there as long as the site is. If your business is listed or featured on a site, that link will thrive. Good execution of custom link building doesn’t just pick sites that will go adrift in a few months. It selects leading industry voices that remain active and push their respective brands. The higher the stock rises of those you have built links with, the higher your stock rises. There’s the old saying “what’s good for the goose is for the gander”. Custom link building works to build that gander for you.

Free SEO Analysis

Custom link building is important, but it also isn’t as easy as it looks. You have to ask yourself, “who do I talk to first?” “What do I say?” “What exactly do I want the people I’m contacting to do?” These are all questions answered by SEO specialists daily. They design and execute carefully devised custom link building strategies as part of a broader digital marketing plan. While digital marketing is forever changing and evolving, custom link building is here to stay. It embodies the same spirit as networking. The simple practices of a handshake and word-of-mouth promotion have not become obsolete. They’ve just taken on new form in the digital marketplace in the shape of custom link building.