Making Social Media Less ScarySocial Media Marketing can seem overwhelming and downright scary if you don’t have prior experience. Instead, look beyond the technical jargon and drill down to what makes Marketing effective. Then the seemingly complicated Social Media process becomes a system of trial and error. This article can help break down Social Media Marketing for beginners and make it the least spooky part of your Halloween!

The Credibility of Digital Marketing Trends

In truth, Marketing Trends typically deliver temporary excitement which gives influencers catchy headlines to generate clicks. Does this mean you should never pay attention to them? No, because there is inherent value in keeping your Social Media Strategy up-to-date, though you shouldn’t base your strategy on trends alone. Try to identify and focus on strategies that will directly help you achieve your goals!

Goal-Oriented Marketing

Marketing, regardless of the chosen platform, can support branding initiatives. Developing your Marketing Strategy should be geared towards overcoming obstacles. You can start by setting measurable and attainable goals, such as page followers or product sales to ensure your future efforts are all moving towards completing the same tasks.

Focus on Sharing Quality Content

The expression “Content is King” is true and it reinforces the concept that people will gravitate towards quality content. Online attention has become extremely competitive and people won’t respond to mediocre content for the same reasons they won’t watch a poorly-made movie.

Ask The Social Media Experts

That said, the golden rule for content is quality over quantity, because more of nothing is still nothing. Don’t post on social media outlets for the sake of posting; instead give your audience something they will find valuable and remember. This means creating content with the user’s needs in mind and personalizing it. Varying the content you do decide to post is a great way to keep your audience interested. However, there’s still only one way to analyze the effectiveness of the content you write.

Testing Your Marketing Efforts

Social Media Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Even if your content is superior to that of your competitors, your page won’t grow in popularity overnight. Success lies with those who are testing their results for steady improvement.

What does this mean?

There is no formula to determine which strategies will perform best. This applies to the copy you write, the images you choose, posting times, your Calls-to-Action, landing pages and so much more. Making data-driven adjustments is the key to success. Regardless of experience, you won’t know the Gold CTA Button outperforms the Red CTA Button by 480% until you run tests. Proven results take time!

Practicing Social Listening

On Social Media, people don’t want to be lectured to; they want to be a part of a conversation. Encouraging feedback and responding to comments/questions will increase your audience size and engagement, which will lead to brand loyalty. The customer is always right and there is also no better source of data than direct feedback, so always listen to requests.

Putting Your Fears to Rest

If you’re doing these things right, you will see results. Just be patient and always find ways to think outside-the-box as you never know when your content will go viral. Does Social Media Marketing still give you the creeps? Don’t be afraid to leave your questions and comments below.

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